Anime and mass shootings

An interesting post.  Some well thought out points.  It might end a little abrupt but still a good read.

Reflecting on Episode 1 of Kotoura-san and the Newtown School Shooting

As the new season of anime starts and I’m watching the many anime series for the first time I was surprised when one, Kotoura-san, had a moment where it connected to and gave me an answer to a question I’d been pondering and reflecting on after the Newtown school shooting.

(I find it troubling that both the Newtown shooter and the Aurora theater shooter were taking something(s) at the time of their crimes but, while we know everything about the guns used, we’re told a couple times they were taking something but never anything more. Maybe these shooters are all taking the same or similar medications or maybe they’re not but, either way, it’s obvious some decision has been made to not let the public know.)

The Null set

Tip to Yamarsakar and Sake White


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