SOFREP and Women in combat

Oh you’ve got to read this.  One it’s spot on and two it’s funny as hell to read. Here is just a taste.  Oh, if you’re sensitive to language you might just skip it.

The Inconvenient Truth about Women and Combat

One of these arguments is that the vagina requires more hours of Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) than a V22-Osprey or F22 Raptor. So this argument goes that the second a female soldier leaves the wire she will instantly come down with a massive yeast infection and have to be medivacced back to the FOB for treatment when the patrol is halfway to their objective. This shit just gets silly after a while. While I’m no expert on the female reproductive systems (which baffles me) it seems that the vagina needs no more maintenance than an uncircumcised dick. Can we finally toss this antiquated argument out and move on?

You are putting the Infantry and Special Operations up on the pedestal!

Yes, I am. That is where they belong. No, I could give a fuck less if you don’t like that.


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