Panetta’s $32k a weekend taxpayer paid trips

This isn’t really news as it was reported long ago while working for the CIA. 

Panetta the most expensive defense secretary in history

For security reasons, the government requires all defense secretaries to use the military equivalent of a Gulfstream jet for all travel, and when agreeing to take top jobs at the CIA and Pentagon, Mr. Panetta had worked out a deal with President Obama to allow the trips back to California, a defense official said at the time.

“The White House understood when Mr. Panetta took the job that he would return to Monterey to visit his family, as he did when he was director of the CIA,” a senior administration official said at the time. “That’s where his family lives, after all.”

The funny part is that most jobs I’ve applied for in DC required me to agree to re-locate or pay my own expenses.  Seems like “P” man was making enough.  I realize for security reasons we supply these elites military aircraft because we certainly couldn’t function without them but perhaps a little thought of the American Taxpayer would be nice. 

Actually Panetta and others probably do think of the taxpayer as Airman so and so gets them another cocktail before they land. 

Here’s a thought, no Gulfstream but a C-130 with the required NOE (NAP of the Earth) time. 

NAP (Near as possible)

These flights have made many a paratrooper wish they were riding in a truck.


3 thoughts on “Panetta’s $32k a weekend taxpayer paid trips

  1. Never got the opportunity to ride in a C-130. Would have loved to though. I did see one take off with JATO Bottles attached and what a ride that must have been when those rockets kicked in. That damn big ole Box Car went straight up and then flattened out like a log falling from the sky as it flew away from us. I will never forget that site.


  2. C-130 are freaking awsome. The best plane ever made in my opinion. It can go and land just about anywhere. I landed in Uzbekistan once with a hole in the side of our plane. Apparently recieved while leaving Afghanistan. Plane never missed a beat. Repaired in an hour and we were on our way.

  3. We worked them to death in Nam. They were also used for refueling in the air. They would put a fuel bladder in the damn thing. I spoke to a guy that was one of the crew on a refueler.
    Not sure what type of plane they refueled because they were slow but that is what I was told.


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