Budget, we don’t need no stinking budget

The White House on Monday responded to criticism that it has again missed the deadline to submit the president’s budget to Congress by arguing that what’s in the budget matters more than when it arrives.

Asked aboard Air Force One about the missed deadline, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney contended that reporters should focus on “substance over deadlines” and took aim at House Republicans for passing what he termed “highly partisan” budgets that lack public support.

You all got that right?  Substance over deadlines. Yeah those pesky deadlines are for the little people.


4 thoughts on “Budget, we don’t need no stinking budget

  1. Politics????????
    A better subject is that 11th cashed in on the Superbowl. My Lucky square got me 2 Grand….I can now afford a Stella instead of a Hamms….


  2. LOL, wait I’m not sure what a lucky square is but did root against SF? Being a Bay Area alumni I’m hurt.

    As to Stella, hey good choice. I’m still relegated to Old Milwaukee.

  3. I like Old Milwaukee once in a while. I am Not a Niner Fan but a Greenbay Fan so I did not have a dog in this fight but the Niner Kicker did do me a favor at the half. I hope your Raiders get some personnel this year so they can compete. A Lucky square is a winning square on a Football Pool.


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