Most honest testimony ever

Retired General Barrow testifying before the Senate Armed Services Sub Committee on women in combat. This was in 1991. I have never seen a government testimony so honest, truthful and heartfelt before.  Whether you believe the same or not this is powerful.  There is zero political correctness to be found here.  And yes, I agree 100%—whDNNKk



4 thoughts on “Most honest testimony ever

  1. My Great Uncle, 3rd Cousin or something like that. What a great testimony. Notice all the idiot politicians in the background not paying the slightest bit of attention.

  2. It’s so easy for those that sit in the cheap seats, to make decisions that won’t affect them one bit. They are so far removed from the sweat and consequences that its just simple social experimentation. Fake emotions and lying eyes. Tears that are meant for the cameras and sheeple. Little, if anything at all is thought about, of people that must carry out their bidding. They go home to families that will never have done anything to protect this country. Safe in their thoughts that no matter how much danger they have put me in, that they are still safe. Except for the politician that has served his time in the dirt, not the one who has flown from the cleanliness of 20,000 feet, they can all go to hell.

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