Rapper removed from stage

Rapper Lupe Fiasco … was thrown off the stage at during a private inaugural celebration. Start ups Rock on promotes startup acts.  After a mid song tirade and continual playing of one song Lupe was removed. A clip from the organizers is below.

Lupe Fiasco performed at this private event, and as you may have read, he left the stage earlier than we had planned. But Lupe Fiasco was not "kicked off stage" for an "anti-Obama rant." We are staunch supporters of free speech, and free political speech. This was not about his opinions. Instead, after a bizarrely repetitive, jarring performance that left the crowd vocally dissatisfied, organizers decided to move on to the next act.

This is what’s wrong with America. Folks it’s ok to say, yeah we took him off because he was offensive and that’s not what this was about. But we as a country don’t have the courage to tell the truth. If this had been aimed at a different political ideology I’m pretty sure the results would have been different, which is also OK.  But damn just say it.


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