Africa, how’s that looking

A few years ago I was talking to someone about some contract work in Africa.  The job was basically to train various military forces in various countries. I took another job while waiting to see if the contract would come through.  One of the countries was Mali.  At the time the pro western forces were ramping up training to try and slow the spread of radicalism and general chaos.  It appears we have not done so well.

As I watched the situation in Algeria unfold it was not unexpected.  I’m amazed sometimes how badly we have botched our foreign policy in the last few years.  We have almost no respect in the north Africa, middle east areas. Western countries are laughed at and radicalism is on the rise everywhere.  The Arab spring was certainly a spring for the Muslim Brotherhood but the average Arab?  Not so much. Libya, well that’s not turned in our favor.  Thank you Hillary (We came, we saw, he died” Clinton.

Our policies have been inconsistent, confusing and so vague that on the ground commanders have no idea what they should be doing. 

These are strange days we live in.


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