Panetta, Karzai and “the last chapter”.

Published January 10, 2013

Associated  Press

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is hailing what he calls “the last chapter” of  a long and costly struggle to ensure that Afghanistan can govern itself and  avoid reverting to a haven for terrorists.

In remarks at the start of a meeting in his Pentagon office with visiting  Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Panetta reflected on what he called a decade of  great sacrifice by Afghans as well as their coalition partners.

Panetta was conferring with Karzai a day ahead of the Afghan leader’s meeting  at the White House with President Barack Obama.

Karzai followed Panetta’s remarks by saying he could assure Americans that  Afghanistan will soon be able to provide for its own security. And he said it  will never again be threatened by what he called “terrorists from across our  borders.”

It’s just not possible to take either of these two serious.


3 thoughts on “Panetta, Karzai and “the last chapter”.

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  2. Somebody brought up Status of Forces(SoF) agreement today. Not being a total conspiracy theorist, but in this case I believe that the way we exited Iraq and the way we will exit Afghanistan will be because of a back door deal not to extend the Status of Forces agreement. Yes, most people are that ignorant to not understand that our politicians do this kind of back door negotiations. I mean who could blame the administration for a total pullout without a SoF agreement? It’s a win-win for the Administration and for Afghanistan who will now receive our Billions of dollars and have it all to themselves without Big Brother supervising the corruption, graft and thievery that will follow our pullout. The Administration wins because it will look like they actually care about the military and they’ll be damned if anyone other than us is going to judge us poor knuckledraggers……..I HATE ALL POLITICIANS

  3. In July, 1887, a software was heard inside the Clermont Warden’s Court for any reef claim 200 yards west of Hurley’s Dam, and also the ‘Telegram’ states:
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