New Year yet it all seems the same

Fiscal Cliff

What do you write about the fiscal cliff deal (which didn’t solve anything).  There isn’t anything really to say other than Washington continues to be Washington.  It has solved nothing and pushed the debate on Government spending off by a couple months.  Yeah, that’s going to make a big difference. 

Gun Control

While the anti-gun crowd continue to use every crises as a means to foist there gun control ideas on the American public, what they have really done is made a fortune for the gun makers.  Dianne Feinstein must have relatives working for colt.  Gun sales are skyrocketing on the fear that guns will become harder to get in the future.  So instead of fewer guns on the street we now have more.  This same thing happened the last time the assault rife ban took place.  I remember prices nearly doubling. 


Al Gore Sells Current TV

It looks like the anti-fossil fuel, global warming, carbon offset, Al Gore is selling Current TV to Al Jazeera.  The Al Jazeera that comes from one of the countries that exist solely on carbon creating, global warming, fossil fuel.  The good news is that it will probably have a higher viewership and be like a beacon of truth compared to Al Gores line up.

President Obama returns to Hawaii

President Obama returned to the seat of US government, Hawaii.  No, wait that’s not right.  It must be nice.  He’s probably got the shakes from lack of golf.  Does he feel tortured hanging out in the DC? I mean hell the Government has tons of ways to waste money right there in the capital.  

Hillary Clinton released from the hospital

I read that the some blood clots are caused by dehydration.  I wonder how she got dehydrated?


Ok that last post was in fun.  I would never begrudge anyone a beer now and then. 


6 thoughts on “New Year yet it all seems the same

  1. Not going to comment on the politics but the Dehydration is another matter. When I was in Nam I never drank Water. I drank Jim Beam and Beer. Why is it that I didn’t dehydrate? Oh and Pepsi on the flight-line…..They wouldn’t let you drink on the flight-line but you could wake up in the morning and down a few , Lunch time you downed a few and of course after the day was over and the War was on hold you downed a few…….


  2. Well in all fairness to SoS Clinton, Vietnam was a more humid area than she has spent most of her time and perhaps you were able to more easily absorb the Plus those darned airplanes are so dry.

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