The Long Goodbye


Well folks I just finished up the third Raymond Chandler novel “The Long Goodbye”. I guess this has been a Chandler reading time frame. If you recall I had a Dashiell Hammett period earlier. I do this mainly because of the books I get at the local library. They often carry the Library of America books which contain multiple novels and writings of literature figures.

Chandler reading list:

The Lady in the Lake (1943)

The little Sister (1949)

The Long goodbye (1953)

The Chandler novels featuring Philip Marlowe are great. The writing is sharp and full of sarcasm. The descriptions of an early 40s and 50s California is perfect. One of the most interesting aspects of these novels is that even in that time period the problems they faced were the same as today. Corruption, drugs and women haven’t changed much in all the years.

Sometimes you have to go back to the older writings to remember what style was like. Chandler brings all the style and texture of a time long gone back to life. Yes, it’s a pulp fiction kind of style. If you need some good night reading these stories are the ticket.

Reading is very important in our family as each night we take the last hour before bed to read. I personally think children and adults both benefit considerably from nightly reading. Reading at night also seems to take away the clutter of the day that can keep you up long into the night.

3 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye

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