The Democrats biggest ally

Seriously, this guy needs to be replaced. 


5 thoughts on “The Democrats biggest ally

  1. He needs to be replace by somebody that represents the party’s true planks. Giving in on any tax hike will weaken the partys standing and give the left the final toehold they need to end the GOP. Comprimise is not why the voters put those Republican Congressman in place. Drive it off the cliff and then fix it when it’s shown to the world that trickle down not only works, but works both ways. Hurt the millionaires and you will do irrepairable damage to an already very weak economy.
    Keep breaking Unions, cut spending and lowering taxes is the only true way to stimulate this economy. The west coast is a perfect example of horrible state economies, yet they have the highest tax rates. Why do you suppose that is? If I owned a business in California, Oregon or Washington, I’d be out of there as soon as I could set up shop in the most business friendly state I could find.

  2. I see it as the Republicans snubbing their noses at the Majority. Come 2014 that same majority will Vote out the Republicans and then both the House and Senate will again be democrat. If this happens the Republicans will not control either House or Senate for several years. It has always been said that if you want to LIVE like a Republican VOTE Democrat….
    Just Saying…


  3. Umm yeah about that… uh, nah. I don’t think so.

    Republicans politicians are snubbing their noses at their own constituencies. They fight their fights from a position of weakness. Where they themselves don’t believe what they are saying. The Democrats know this and are more than happy to use it.

    I still say I will never vote Democrat. I don’t believe in their platform or their value system. Unfortunately most Republicans politicians are really just Democrats at heart.

    The problem is our government spends more than it brings in. Can that last forever? We’ll obviously get to see.

    Spending is the only thing a politician knows how to do. Most have never built a damn thing in their lives. Then once they’re in you can’t get rid of the bastards. I see it at the local level and the national level. I mean John Kerry for Sec. State? WTF. Go away for God’s sake.

    I’ll say the same about the Bush’s the Kennedy’s and the Clintons.

  4. 11th, they are representing a majority. The majority that voted them in based on their parties and their personal platforms. They represent those majorities, not the majority of the voters in the US. They have an obligation to vote on what they ran on, not what party elected the President. That’s what a Constitional Republic and representative democracy is founded on. I’d rather they represent their constituents and get voted out than sway with whatever the prevailing good idea fairy idea of the day is.

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