Mayans may be right..Marines = no alcohol

The Mayan’s may be on to something.  If a Marine or any other service member can’t have a damn drink the world if F—–ing doomed.  Thank god I’m retired. 

Marines’ new alcohol policy strictest in U.S. military

“It’s possible if a Marine goes to a bar and is drinking a substantial amount of alcohol over the course of an evening, and he gets himself to a BAC of 1.5 or 2.0, if they are tested first thing in the morning when they report to duty, they may still have some alcohol in their blood and test positive,” he added.

Seriously, what Marine goes into a bar and doesn’t drink a substantial amount of alcohol?

Chili, I’m having a scotch in grieving for your glorious Marine Corps, I’m sure the Army will follow soon.

Warriors led by REMFs.


4 thoughts on “Mayans may be right..Marines = no alcohol

  1. Yeah…..that’s sure gonna stop them…….The fools that put these rules and regulations in place don’t walk the formations every morning. I daresay the Platoon Sgt and Squad Leaders will not be doing breathalyzers on their boys. They’ll sweat it out of them like they have since 1775. It will be a tool to more easily remove the chronic drunk though…..Glad they didn’t have this around in the early 80’s……

  2. Typical, horse out the barn door, knee jerk reaction crap we’ve come to expect from the “establishment”. My time is coming, JB……

  3. I guess Vietnam was not that bad of War Duty. I was drunk every chance I got. No one cared. When ever the shit hit the fan I was always able to do my job…..I think Adrenalin takes the booze out of the equation. I remember 12am Jan 1 , 1972 we were playing football because the sky was lit up with so many flares it was like daytime. Some knucklehead stepped on my hand and dislocated my pinky on my right hand. I went to my hooch and drank a half bottle of Jim Beam to ease the pain and then I set my finger. It took several try’s because I was a bit drunk and really couldn’t tell if I had it straight or not. My buddy showed up and helped me determine if I got it or not……He was a bit drunk also. Anyway I ended up with a straight finger. It would have been Hell without the Help of Jim….


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