Network + class this week


Actually a good refresher.  The instructor is just animated enough to keep me mostly awake.  Hopefully I’ll be taking both the Security + and Network + cert exams soon. 


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4 Responses to “Network + class this week”

  1. 11th Says:

    This means you are about to be the next CEO of Silicon Valley in Colorado???


  2. JB Says:

    Hey I’m just trying to get a job…

  3. 11th Says:

    I went to school 16 years ago to be a Network Engineer…Did an accelerated course and have been working at the Port of Oakland ever since. Hope you get a break Like I did.


  4. JB Says:

    yeah I was an IT manager then DBA back 12 years ago then a couple wars broke out. Timing is a bitch…lol

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