Fiscal Cliff???

IMHO there is no negotiating the tax breaks because both parties want them to expire. They both win and the country loses. The Republicans will win when the taxes go up and the country ulitmately goes up in an economic fireball, and then they get the benefit of blaming the coming economic downturn on the Dems.  The Dems will win because they will be able to vote in tax breaks pretty much unopposed for the middle and lower class without the problem of dealing with  the nasty upper class tax hikes……..both sides are disengenuous, but in the long run, the country will suffer economically. I have safely sheltered all my investments for the short term until they drop so far that I get to buy low. The Market will voice there displeasure when it is painfully obvious that nothing good will come out of the next 3-5 weeks. Hang on everybody. It’s going to be a bad, nasty ride. Thanks for nothing you short-sighted sheeple. You have nobody to blame but yourselves.


4 thoughts on “Fiscal Cliff???

  1. You sound a bit angry JB. Sit back and have one of those JB Martini’s , breathe in deep and say to yourself….My cousin 11th is retiring next year so Barako don’t mess this up….And then ask Dorothy to click her heels twice and pray for the Best…


  2. Chili , JB……and the difference is???
    I should have said have a Toot since it is legal in your state now….Most of the residents at Haight and Ashbury are headed to your town soon….


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