Cadet quits in protest. But of what really?


So if the story is correct a west point cadet decides to quit the academy in protest. He says the institution promotes prayer and religious activities and disrespects non-religious cadets. Oh yeah and he was diagnosed with depressing and wasn’t going to be commissioned anyway.

The 24-year-old told The Associated Press that a determination this semester that he could not become an officer because of clinical depression played a role in his public protest against what he calls the unconstitutional prevalence of religion in the military.

Humm sounds like a little Metro-man crying syndrome again.  It just isn’t fair… wah wah wah…


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2 Responses to “Cadet quits in protest. But of what really?”

  1. 11th Says:

    I don’t have a comment on the subject but did want you to know that I LIKE the Pic of the Bull……..


  2. chilihntr Says:

    Me too, 11th. I didn’t even know there was a subject……

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