New week

Well a new week begins.  Today is a run, then the Gym then some studying.  Preping for the the ITIL exam.  The Course I attended two weeks ago was pretty good but set during the Thanksgiving week.  It’s a little tough to study right when Turkey is on the mind.

Oh yeah Fiscal Cliff is coming. Prepare.  I still have guns and food. 😉


2 thoughts on “New week

  1. I have plenty of food…. My buddy down the street has a couple of Sniper Rifles and said I was welcome to use them when the need appears……..He took me to the range a couple of years ago. I put three rounds at a hundred yards inside the size of a dime inside the Bull….Course how do you miss when you have such a fine weapon and a scope to die for…was a lot of fun….He also had a Glock with a laser site….Was nice to shoot that too……


  2. 11th, you all used to shoot a lot. It can be good fun and a valuable skill should the zombie apocalypse (or welfare cuts) happen. 🙂

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