Bill Whittle on fire

Bill Whittle continues to put out great commentary.

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2 thoughts on “Bill Whittle on fire

  1. I take it someone voted for MITT…..Now next year I will be one of those that is looking for Free Entitlements like SS , Not Medicare because I will be to young. I will take advantage of my VA Medical though which I’m not sure that is an Entitlement. SS is not an entitlement and doesn’t even go towards the Deficit. Why is that you ask…Well It is an insurance that we all have been paying into since FDR. But it seems our Government stole that money from us and now want to call it an entitlement and take it away. I would at least like to have my portion back. They did keep records of how much I personally gave them throughout all of theses years. Can’t wait till retirement so I can be a Burden on this Country.


  2. I don’t believe anyone here is talking about SS as a burden. Your right we paid into those and have continually elected officials that have wasted our investment. As to VA medical it was in the contract for services rendered. Now there are many other real freeloading entiltlements out there that many of us never stoop down to claim. Those that do are not the only problem but they are one of them.

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