It’s just too darn complicated

Folks I know your wondering, how is it that nobody knows who changed the CIA talking points.  I mean the FBI can track down emails under false names for mistresses connected to multiple US Generals but can’t figure out who changed talking points the were advocated by the US Ambassador to the UN to the world on the Benghazi attack

Well, it’s just to darn complicated to track.  It’s that simple.  I mean the administration has no idea who made the changes and they were just putting out what the head of the United States of America knew at the time.  President David Patraeus just had his UN Ambassador follow the information. Wait, that’s not right Patraeus isn’t President.  See what I mean it’s just so confusing. 

What I meant was the Obama administrations is just so tired from the election process that they thought they were changing a few administrative details in a report that only the originator should be able to change,  wait that’s going the wrong direction also. 

Oh hell lets all just forget about this little incident.  I mean, heck it was just a bump in the road.  Besides, following the trail from the CIA to the administration is a tough process.  The PowerPoint presentation was probably sent to the Admin in disappearing ink on the back of a donkey.  It’s really not anyone’s fault. 


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