Dumb and dumber another sequel

General John Allen now caught in a sex scandal stemming from the General Patraeus investigation. Looks like Gen. Allen was emailing Jill Kelly, you know the other women in the Patraeus case, the one who thought calling in the FBI after she received some threatening emails was a good idea while apparently having some interesting relationships with at least these two generals via email.

What does this tell us? Well one is that those really smart Generals we put on such a high pedestal aren’t really that damn smart. Two, women are evil. Ok maybe the second one isn’t necessarily a fact yet. But I’m still leaning that way. (Sorry Honey, I’m sure you’re the exception).

Remember these are the Generals that continue to enforces rules on our troops like no naughty magazines in our combat theaters, no, alcohol for you but don’t look in my room, and no fraternization but hell let’s bring women into the foxholes with us. Now those are just the silly rules, how about rules of engagement, not the marrying kind, the ones where you can’t fire upon anyone firing at you if you suspect there might be civilians anywhere around. This in a country where it’s the civilians firing at you in the first place.

That said this is a hell of a good way to get rid of Generals that may present an administration with some difficult questions all the while sending a strong message to the up and coming leaders.

Anyone remember Benghazi?  Yeah didn’t think so. 

Well played.


3 thoughts on “Dumb and dumber another sequel

  1. Generals are not as smart as they think they are……..
    Course I had a Hard Core LT once that would not let us have a few free beers from the conex so we got him drunk , stole the key and put him to bed. He was not very smart either…


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