President Obama Again

The American public has spoken. I will adjust my actions accordingly.

There will be a lot of people pointing to the Media, to voting fraud and other excuses for this election.  Wrong, it is the American populace that is responsible for this outcome.  The US is a different country than it once was. 


12 thoughts on “President Obama Again

  1. Romney did exceptionally poor among Hispanic Americans and the affluent educated Asian American minority. Bush won 44% of the Hispanic American vote in 2004 compared to Romney winning about 30% this year. Even though Romney did far better among caucasian voters than McCain or Bush 2000,2004 or Papa Bush 1988, it ultimately did not matter.

    A major cultural difference between Romney supporters and Obama is that married voters tended to vote for Romney while unmarried voters (especially female unmarried voters) trended towards Obama. Another major cultural difference is that religious people who attend clergy services trend Republicans while atheists and more secular voters trend democrat.

    Obama was able to present himself as a pro business, pro technology free market sort of guy. A remarkable achievement in light of the bad economy and his opponent being the founder of Bain Capital.

  2. Notice how moderate Obama’s most recent speeches were. Obama presented himself as a nonpartisan figure who wanted to work with Republicans while being a champion of pro free market and pro business principles.

    Fiscal conservatives, free market sorts and technologists represent a large percentage of the presidential democratic coalition. The end of “occupy” allowed Obama to cozy up to this large block of voters without worrying about his base.

  3. JB, If I was Boehner, I would agree to everything this President wants. Don’t oppose anything, but with the disclaimer you’re agreeing to show the country how wrong this Administration is in policy, theory and practice.

  4. Chilihntr, we strongly disagree. We need a combination of the best ideas from across the political spectrum implemented together.

    Substantial spending cuts, more revenue, simplified regulations/taxes and policies that facilitate the private sector, product development and innovation. Improved education.

    If the republicans don’t insist on HMO competition across state lines to reduce HMO operating expenses and profit margins, shame on them. [The Dems won’t do it on their own since many of them are owned by insurance companies.]

  5. I think it’s time for me to start disengaging from the grid. Today I’m five years from whatever retirement the Government will allow me. There are about 4 people in my life that I respect their opinions. The country WILL take a downturn and I’m very disappointed by a selfish, uniformed electorate. I’m going to start my new Spanish laguage tapes and drink copious amounts of bourbon. Wish you were here, JB.

  6. I know what you mean Chilihntr, I’d drink more but have no one around to enjoy it with. Such is life. I’m studying my German. I see potential in that area.

  7. JB, there’s a spot in the duck blind any weekend you want to come out. Kat would love to see you as well. To say nothing of the fact that we’re on the front side of ski season.

  8. This shows you that the People have spoken. That Money cannot buy an Election and in the End it was not Only the Electoral College that Endured but also the Popular vote . I have been reading a lot of Blogs before and now after the Election and no matter what , you cannot satisfy all the people but the Majority voted into Office the Leader in which they think will Help us the Most. This was the Guy I was Voting for because of my own reasons and I hope he does us ALL Well. Even though your Candidate didn’t Win we are ALL in this Together. Chili , I will have a shot of Bourbon tonight for you and I already took Spanish Classes years ago in high school because I saw Latino’s coming our way then…


  9. 11th you’re right, money alone anyway can’t buy an election but a long term plan designed to create your voting block can. The dumbing down of society will always create and easily influenced electorate. It’s a long term game and the GOP and conservatives in general are not good at this game. Conservatives believe that if they only inform and get their message out they will win. This is not the case in modern America. Rational thinking takes effort and that is not the American way anymore.

  10. JB, maybe the smartest thing I’ve ever seen you post.
    Every compromise is a little bit of your soul being sold away. Integrity to your morals and beliefs cannot be compromised. That’s what those on the left refuse to recognize. If your beliefs are so strong than you would and should refuse to compromise as well. In my opinion you do what is right for the country, not just your interest groups, unions and contributors. I mean that for right and left. As a citizen not a politician, life is that black and white. Historically what this administration has done and is attempting never has been successfully done anywhere in the world. Name a country in the world where unfunded social programs have ever worked. Show me a country that has provided the military protection to as many countries as ours. They live with their socialism because we provide them their blanket of protection. It is a very costly blanket, I might add. Virtually never paid back. I write this as a Conservative, not a Republican. My values, beliefs and morals are not for sale or compromise.

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