Afghans won’t be able to maintain bases? Really?


Afghanistan ‘will be unable to run military bases post Nato withdrawal’

Afghanistan will probably be unable to keep running the military bases its international backers have spent billions building after Nato troops leave, a US Congressional report has said.

Kabul’s military has neither the staff, nor the expertise, to maintain or operate hundreds of bases it will inherit from the coalition troops as they prepare to withdraw combat forces by the end of 2014.

Hummm.  Ya think?  Maybe if we send more money.  Yeah, that works every time. 


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One Response to “Afghans won’t be able to maintain bases? Really?”

  1. Chilihntr Says:

    Is this really a surprise? Comments on this blog to the contrary, the ANA is not the second coming when it comes to; administration, tactics, equipment, integrity, bravery, leadership etc…….What a damn waste of time, money and American lives! I’m sure I’ll hear a dozen excuses on how it’s not their fault, but our lack of commitment. Sooner out the better.

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