No news is good news

So I’ve got a little experiment going on. I’ve cut myself off from TV news. It’s only been a couple of days but my little bubble of a world feels much better now. I’ve decided I really don’t need to know anything. The less I know the less angry I am. You know there was a time when everyone laughed at the village idiot, little did they know he was the one who had it all figured out.

Ok somewhat more seriously, I still check online and scan for anything that might affect me, like the weather or killer asteroids and of course Zombies. Well maybe there is one more thing…

Naked girls plow fields for rain

(Reuters) – Farmers in an eastern Indian state have asked their unmarried daughters to plow parched fields naked in a bid to embarrass the weather gods to bring some badly needed monsoon rain, officials said on Thursday.

I was kind of hoping for a better picture though. 


Plan for next week

So what is up for this coming week? Well I’ll be in a Security + class all week and hope to take the ITIL exams as soon as I can get it scheduled. I’m sure it will be full of excitement and adventure. 😉 Actually it’s not bad. It gets me out of the house.



Loads of fun

I’m currently in an ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Certification class.  It rates right up there with watching paint dry.  Today is the last day of class and tomorrow is Thanksgiving so its not all bad.

It’s just too darn complicated

Folks I know your wondering, how is it that nobody knows who changed the CIA talking points.  I mean the FBI can track down emails under false names for mistresses connected to multiple US Generals but can’t figure out who changed talking points the were advocated by the US Ambassador to the UN to the world on the Benghazi attack

Well, it’s just to darn complicated to track.  It’s that simple.  I mean the administration has no idea who made the changes and they were just putting out what the head of the United States of America knew at the time.  President David Patraeus just had his UN Ambassador follow the information. Wait, that’s not right Patraeus isn’t President.  See what I mean it’s just so confusing. 

What I meant was the Obama administrations is just so tired from the election process that they thought they were changing a few administrative details in a report that only the originator should be able to change,  wait that’s going the wrong direction also. 

Oh hell lets all just forget about this little incident.  I mean, heck it was just a bump in the road.  Besides, following the trail from the CIA to the administration is a tough process.  The PowerPoint presentation was probably sent to the Admin in disappearing ink on the back of a donkey.  It’s really not anyone’s fault. 

It won’t stay blowed..Friday poem

To the sniffing pickaninny once his good old mammy said,

‘Yo’ lil’ black nose am drippin’ from de cold dat’s in yo’ head,

An’ yo’ sleeve am slick and shiny like de hillside when it snows.

Why doan’ you pump de bellers from de inside ob yo’ nose?’

‘Ain’t I been,’ the child replied to her, ‘a-doin’ ob jes’ dat

Twel I’s got a turble empty feel right whur I wears muh hat?

De traffic soht o’ nacherly keeps gittin’ in de road.

I blow muh nose a-plenty, but

it won’t stay blowed.

‘What’s de use ob raisin’ chickens ef dey won’t stay riz?

What’s de use ob freezin’ sherbet ef it won’t stay friz?

What’s de use ob payin’ debts off ef dey’s gwine stay owed?

What’s de use ob blowin’ noses ef dey won’t stay blowed?’

This old world is sometimes jealous of the chap who means to rise;

It sneers at what he’s doing or it bats him ‘twixt the eyes;

It trips him when he’s careless, and it makes his way so hard

What’s left of him is sinew, not a walking tub of lard;

But it’s only wasting effort, for by George, the guy keeps on

When his hopes have crumbled round him and you’d think his faith was gone,

Till the world at last knocks under and it passes him a crown:

Once, twice, thrice it has upset him, but





What cares he when out he’s flattened by the cruel blow it deals?

He has rubber in his shoulders and a mainspring in his heels.

Let the world uncork its buffets till he’s bruised from toe to crown;

Let it thump him, bump him, dump him, but he won’t stay down.

St. Clair Adams.

St. Clair Adams was born in Arkansas in 1883, Adams travels all over the United States and Europe. This poem is in an old book I received from my parents many years ago. I’ve written about it before, “Poems of Inspiration.” It’s a collection of poems brought together by Joseph Morris and St. Clair Adams. The poems inside are not mushy self-help poems but solid wisdom from the “old days”. It’s been a handy book to have around when you get feeling down.

It won’t stay blowed has been a favorite for a long time.  No it’s not racist either. 

Jackson wants his handout too

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) –

Sources tell FOX 32 News that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is willing to give up his 2nd Congressional District seat if he’s given disability when he steps down.

Jackson Jr. was re-elected to his tenth term but last month, sources say, he applied for a disability package–what could be his only income if he resigns. It is expected to take a couple of weeks for Congress to approve or deny the request.

His house on 72nd Street in Chicago is part of the federal government’s investigation into allegations that Jackson Jr. misused campaign funds. Sources say Jackson allegedly spent $20,000 to renovate and buy furniture for the family’s home in Chicago, not their 5-bedroom Victorian home in Washington D.C.

Well hell yes, why not everyone else is doing it.  He needs his fair share also.