Hurricane Sandy hit’s the east coast and Colorado hits 70

The funny thing about Colorado is that one day it can be 30 degrees and the next day it’s 70.  If you’ve been around this state for a few years you know the weather can be interesting.  I’ve seen it snow in July and a sunny 70 degrees in Dec.  Today as a matter of fact, it’s near 70.  I’m watching hurricane Sandy hit the east coast as the sun shines here.  This is not to snicker at those living east.  The fact is I don’t much like the weather here in Colorado.  It’s too damn sunny.  The sun here is intense, not like say Florida were you can sit out all day and tan.  If you sit out all day here you may be just turn to charcoal dust.  Vampires would not like Colorado at all.  Granted it’s never as hot as Arizona or Death Valley California.

Now the east coast get it fair share of storms.  Of course it’s very green out that way while here it’s a nice rustic shade of brown (nearly year round).  I was in the DC area in 2011 when they got about a foot of snow overnight.  I had to laugh as everyone asked me if I felt like I was back home in Colorado.  Nope I told them, we average about three inches of snow in the springs when we on rare occasions actually get snow.

So as Sandy hits, I wonder.  Why do we still have power lines above ground?  Why do we begin to trim the trees just before a storm and not every spring and fall?  Why are generators sold out just before a storm when they get pretty good storms every year?  Frankly a couple of days without power might be pretty nice, just make sure to have warm blankets, a couple good books and a fireplace.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy hit’s the east coast and Colorado hits 70

  1. I love Colorodo. It is on my list of places for re-location. I have been told it would be good for my health to move there. I also like the state’s medical marijuana laws. I do not dare partake here in Florida. I do not want a criminal record.

    As for people wiping out the stores ahead of storms, it happens here every time a storm is going to hit us. There are many reasons for it. Some people live day to day, getting what they need from the market on a day to day, or some other interval that would keep them from building up a surplus of food. Also, some people just do not have the money for a surplus, no matter how much they want one. When the F-5 tornado broke out in Hurricaine Andrew, and leveled Homestead AFB, it reminded many people how dire things can get. All of that was reinforced by Katrina, and several other storms we have had, in the region, so when the weather man starts hyping a storm, people go nuts. Generators fly off the shelf fast. They cannot keep up. One would think everyone would have one by now, and the stores could keep them in stock, but it just does not happen that way, never, ever.

    I do not know why the power lines are still put above ground. I know the water table here is very high; however, our downtown area has all power lines below ground. This is probably a cost thing. The trees are trimmed here regularly, but they still have to come out before a storm and make sure things have not grown back.

    I feel bad for everyone going through all of this with Sandy. At the beginning of the Huricaine season we dealt with some really bad storms, and flooding. We had a 100 year rain event.

    Hope this helps with the questions……….


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