Special Ops Vehicle, really?


The vehicle was designed from the ground up to meet the goals of the competition, which is looking to find a fast, relatively lightweight 4×4 that can be transported inside of a Chinook helicopter or C-130 airplane, operate in a variety of theaters and support the “peculiar modifications” required by special ops teams from each branch of the military. Approximately 1,300 of the winning vehicles will be purchased by the Pentagon through 2020 starting next year at fully equipped price of under $350,000 per unit.

Umm. $350,000 a unit!  Damn.  Doesn’t this seem a bit excessive. I just don’t see $350,000 worth of material there.   The Defense industry is a hell of a racket Business.


4 thoughts on “Special Ops Vehicle, really?

  1. 11th, you know you can’t drive on post without headlights. BTW driving with NVGs is freaking dangerous. lol. Many a hidden culverts has been found by a team out driving with NVGs.

  2. I have a NV Monocular. Works Great Camping,,,,,Coon’s can’t creep into camp without me seeing them…..Plus it’s funny what you can see in the Dark……Makes it easier to find my Beer….


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