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Ok, yes I took the time as painful as it was to watch the VP debate.  Biden did well in the sense that he took a lot of the attention.  His smirks and laughing with interuptionis may not have served him as well as he’d hoped though.  It was of course rude and pretty annoying.  That said as long as we don’t count the actual statements he made he did well.  Ryan was ok but really that’s about it.  He made a few good points but let Joe dominate too much.

Some of the issue I had were:

Biden threw the intelligence community completely under the bus or tried to.  So the White house didn’t have any suggestion by the IC that Benghazi was a terrorist attack?  Humm, that’s not what I heard yesterday.

Biden seems to believe that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon, well they can’t really deliver it.  Seriously?

Ryan, seemed at bit at a loss with the specifics on the tax plan question.  This should have been expected and a better answer prepared.  I get the idea that you don’t lay out the very detailed plan as you can’t modify if your trying to work a bi-partisan plan but will others?

Overall on pure domination Joe gets this one, profided his rudeness doesn’t turn off more people than it motivates.  On the issues.  Well who looks at that?

The election still comes down to what kind of America do you want.  I know what I want.  I don’t expect to ever get it all but my vote goes to the direction of the Constitution and who will defend it best.


6 thoughts on “VP Debate

  1. I believe Joe took the Debate last night. Joe did not know that there was going to be a split screen so what you saw was Joe being Joe. Like they say you either like him or you don’t. His facial antics were no more worse than Ryan. Guess no one watched Ryan while he was waiting his turn. I look at this as just another way that the people can get a chance to see who they may want to vote for. That being said I do not agree with you on The politics of Libya or Medicare or whatever because the info I get to read which is the same you hear and read come from the MEDIA. The Media twists everything they shove our way and ALL of it…YES ALL of it has some truth but mostly BS. I am sure you have a story to tell about something that was happening in Iraq and that the Media twisted it around to the point it was almost opposite of what really happened. I know I have a couple of examples where the Media just out and out LIED. Now as far as how far a candidate can go with information as you would say JB…Don’t let the Enemy know our position. Well that can get in the way of trying to tell your side , or in this case Joe’s side. In the end we all would like who ever gets the job to do us right. I just don’t like the Guy that Keeps his money in the Cayman Islands and doesn’t want to show his Tax returns. I really don’t like Boehner not just because he is a Cry Baby but I think he is an Asshat. What ever the results of this election of which I feel is already determined we will get what we deserve , because know one in the red States (Rednecks) are going to vote out the dumb as–es that are in there now. I am not Saying the Democrats are any better just saying if you are an incumbent you need to leave. With all this being said I now need a NAP….


  2. 11th. it’s not about giving your position away in negotiations it’s about having the ability to compromise. If you say I will not do this or that than in the public’s view you can’t do this or that. This leaves no room to work with others.

    Romney and Ryan have layed out a framwork that is specifc in goals. That’s all one can do from the outside.

    I agree Ryan didn’t do great last night. He’s not the experienced smooth politician.

    As to Cayman Island accounts I would suggest you do a little research into Joe’s background. This guy is the insiders insider when it comes to money making and using his position.

    As to tax returns, why do we need to see them ten years back. Romney has shown his tax returns for the last two years. His Tax rate is lower because of the law not criminal acts. Should we change the tax system? Hell yes.

    Everyone should pay a basic tax rate with ZERO deductions period. That is Rich, poor and all in between.

    It’s still about what you want this country to be. I don’t want any more freeloading. I don’t care if the rich get richer. I do care about paying for lazyass POS that continue to take and take from the taxes of the working. I do care about politician using our tax dollars not to build a solid infrastructure but to pay off political buddies or build constituencies of dependent welfare F&*(ks.

    This is a problem with both parties no doubt.

  3. I understand your point on people taking advantage of the system and they are in that 47 percent but the rich do not need to get richer. Here is one problem I have with the Rich. This morning I am reading that some Billionaire that owns the largest and most expensive house built in the USA says if Obama wins he is going to lay off all of his workers and shut down his business because Obama will raise his taxes and he is not going to let the freeloaders of this Country get his money because they do not want to do what he did and work for their money. He also said it would create a burden on his business and he would not be able to Grow. He hires 7000 people and he says he will kick them to the curb. What’s that say about this asshat????? Too many rich as—s that think this way and that is a big problem in our Country. I also heard Mark Cuban talk about the Obama tax raise and He said that was fine because his businesses grow and continue to make him money and he employs quite a few people. Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Maverick Basketball Team.So not all Billionaires are Asshats but it is a Problem we have with the rich. The tax return situation. The Federal Government at any time they choose has the ability to see my returns at least 7 Years back. So let me see his. I do not want some Rich Asshat , with his money in the Caymans doing my business that’s all.


  4. Ok,Here’s the thing; this wasn’t about the base, either left or right. This was about the independant that might have watched for half an hour. They don’t fact check. They don’t watch news during the week. They don’t follow the blogosphere. What they saw was a bully and a respectful young man. Women in particular, in my opinion would be turned off by VP Biden’s style. They have been interupted and talked over their whole life. No matter what was said substance wise, the average uninformed sheeple will be turned off by the VP’s performance. He was given some very bad advice. All he needed to do was just present his side of things and it would have been a draw/win.

  5. 11th I understand the frustration of seeing some who seemingly just roll in money as we work our asses off to pay the bills. But we elected a person with Zero qualifications last election and have not seen any good results in my book. And I might add both the current President and Vice President are filthly rich. Do you think we are ever going to elect an average joe? Hell no we aren’t and shouldn’t What doe’s the average Joe or for that matter a community organizer know about producing real jobs?

    If all you can see is the tax return issue here I really don’t know what to tell you.

    I will still drink a beer with you though. 😉

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