Lets blame Bush anyway

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10 thoughts on “Lets blame Bush anyway

  1. 09 & 10 the CBO over estimated the actual deficits. In 09 the CBO was really over in their estimate, and in 10 they still overestimated, but just by a small margin. 11 & 12 they underestimated. I find this to be quite odd. There is so much partisanship, I think a partisanship figure needs to be factored into all of this. The gridlock is costing the American taxpayers bunches of money, and no one seems to realise this. If Congress were made up of the types of statesmen who are able to compromise, for the good of the nation, I honestly believe President Obama would negotiate with them, and the peoples business would move forward. For the past two years Congress (The House of Representatives specifically) has specifically blocked legiislation with the sole purpose of having Obama lose the election. They have wasted the peoples time, and done practically nothing to move the economy forward. The growth we are seeing is in spite of them.

    If I had to blame someone, I would blame the Republican controlled House of Representatives. I have never seen anything like this Congress in my entire life. If I were Obama, I would call them back for an emergency session, like Truman did. This would do two things, put them back in DC, in front of America, forcing them to put uo, or shut up. This Congress has been Americas achilles heel, and they need to be shown for what they are.

    In my humble opinion, of course.


  2. …of course Harry Reid would not bring any House bills to the Senate floor. By not bringing bills to the floor, he shielded the President from having to either sign or veto legislation he would find damaging to his campaign which he started the day after January 20, 2008. Obama himself said that if Republicans wanted to participate it would be from “the back of the bus”. Hardly a comment from a “negotiator”. Just more crap from people that think that us conservatives couldn’t possibly be on the same intellectual plane as them. Let’s not confuse this Administration with Reagan, Clinton or even LBJ’s. Administrations that were able to work with and reach across the aisle.

  3. Armyveteran, do you have the number of bills pass by both the house and senate and which blocked which? I’m pretty sure it’s the Senate that hasn’t passed a budget in three years. The 2012 budget proposal by President Obama was voted down 97 to 0. This is in a Democratic majority senate. What instead was enacted was three appropriation bills. The Senate also voted down the budget proposal of Paul Ryan.

  4. There is plenty of blame to go around. I think the Speaker and Obama were close to a deal when the tea party torpedoed it.

    Unfortunately neither party wants to cut health care spending for the elderly, cut social security, cut discretionary spending, cut defense, lay off large numbers of federal workers and increase tax revenue as a percentage of GDP [in my view mostly through ending deductions and credits such as personal deductions for children, children’s credit, home mortgage, charity, health care expenditure, energy efficient improvements, hybrid car purchase credit, qualified dividend taxation, etc.] If it were up to me all income would be taxed, including EIC, welfare, workers disability, veterans benefits, employer funded health care and other fringe benefits, debt forgiveness, scholarships, everything. Some people will be able to apply for welfare to pay the taxes they owe for health care grant income they received to pay for their emergency medical bills, debt default and the like. Long term capital gains should also be taxed at a higher rate.

    The US should ideally run large budget surpluses to maximize flexibility in the event of a real crisis such as a global financial crisis initiated by a 10 Richter scale earthquake or a Takfiri nuclear terrorist attack.

  5. According to Bob Woodward, no friend of the GOP, it was the President that torpedoed the deal. I’m not sure how the Tea Party was added to this mix.

    “But at one critical juncture, with an agreement tantalizingly close, Obama pressed Boehner for additional taxes as part of a final deal — a miscalculation, in retrospect, given how far the House speaker felt he’d already gone.”

    But I will agree to eliminate all Tax deductions. Although I’m not sure taxing welfare or any goverment checks makes sense as they’ll just raise the amount paid out to make up for it.

    Also running a surpluse is good however getting anyone in Washington to not spend money in the bank would be nearly impossible.

  6. Remember Republican Lindsy Graham said on the night of the Election….” I will make it my duty to make this President a One Term President.” Which shows why the Republicans will not reach across the floor as they say. The true problem here is not the president but Congress. It is broken and the American People should Vote out all Incumbents , Republican and Democrats.


  7. Lindsy Graham is an asshat. You’ll get do defense of him here. But he does not speak for the majority of the GOP. He is and was not in a leadership position. But I agree Congress is broken as no one will do anything that must be defended and might hamper their continuing on the gravy train. That is why there is a Tea Party that has challenged it’s own GOP. I have yet to see that on the other side.

  8. Actually 11th, Graham (I also am not a fan), saying that has nothing whatsoever to do with congress reaching across the aisle or not. Boehner negotiated in good faith with the President and it was the President who yanked back at the last moment. I stand by my statement and add. Let’s just see what happens if Romney gets elected. I’ll wager a cheap beer that he’ll get more done with congress than this administration. Leadership starts at the top,not the bottom or middle. Posturing, leading from behind, decisions based on polls and outright lying is not a recipe for getting things done.
    I’ll also wager a cheap cigar that should Romney get elected and get the jobs situation turned around, the left will say, “Well they’re not good jobs…..” 23,000,000 people need to work. Bottom line. The revenue that the gov’t will realize when we put 3% more people back to work, will be astronomical. It’s a proven formula. I can’t think of one society where this entitlement, socialist BS has ever worked. Please name me one country where it’s worked where they have to provide their own defense. (kind of takes the likes of Sweden out of it, doesn’t it?)

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