First Presidential Debate 2012


Ok, I really don’t have to say much since these debates are covered by everyone for days.  So I’ll just leave you with this picture from the NRCC.



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8 Responses to “First Presidential Debate 2012”

  1. Chilihntr Says:

    Not even close, JB. Chairs don’t put condecending looks on thier faces……

  2. 11th Says:

    Not a Romney Fan……


  3. JB Says:

    11th , I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. lol Still an Obama guy? We’ll have to keep working on you. It’s a tough fight with the lefts advantage on you in Moonbeam land. Hey you know how you can tell an illegal alien driver in California? You can’t.

  4. 11th Says:

    I can be persuaded by a BBQ and Beer……I just want to Retire…..


  5. 11th Says:

    You know if they prove that Mitt has not paid any Taxes , that would mean a Felon is running for President…..


  6. JB Says:

    You mean like so many in the current administration? Are you sure you want to go down the taxes paid route? Even so, he’d still be more qualified than the current occupant. But this is really just a distraction and will not produce anything. If it was more than a smoke screen evidence would have been produced. Also, not paying taxes is not the same as owing taxes.

  7. Chilihntr Says:

    I can do BBQ……

  8. 11th Says:

    JB , Not paying Taxes and Owing Taxes are the same by Definition. Chili I would love to have a BBQ with you Guys. What could be better than having a BBQ with a guy named Chili.


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