Election Fatigue


I feel the same way.


Hurricane Sandy hit’s the east coast and Colorado hits 70

The funny thing about Colorado is that one day it can be 30 degrees and the next day it’s 70.  If you’ve been around this state for a few years you know the weather can be interesting.  I’ve seen it snow in July and a sunny 70 degrees in Dec.  Today as a matter of fact, it’s near 70.  I’m watching hurricane Sandy hit the east coast as the sun shines here.  This is not to snicker at those living east.  The fact is I don’t much like the weather here in Colorado.  It’s too damn sunny.  The sun here is intense, not like say Florida were you can sit out all day and tan.  If you sit out all day here you may be just turn to charcoal dust.  Vampires would not like Colorado at all.  Granted it’s never as hot as Arizona or Death Valley California.

Now the east coast get it fair share of storms.  Of course it’s very green out that way while here it’s a nice rustic shade of brown (nearly year round).  I was in the DC area in 2011 when they got about a foot of snow overnight.  I had to laugh as everyone asked me if I felt like I was back home in Colorado.  Nope I told them, we average about three inches of snow in the springs when we on rare occasions actually get snow.

So as Sandy hits, I wonder.  Why do we still have power lines above ground?  Why do we begin to trim the trees just before a storm and not every spring and fall?  Why are generators sold out just before a storm when they get pretty good storms every year?  Frankly a couple of days without power might be pretty nice, just make sure to have warm blankets, a couple good books and a fireplace.

Thoughts on the final debate

In the final 2012 Presidential debate two things were obvious, one is that President Obama planned to be very aggressive and two that Governor Romney planned to look Presidential and not attempt a repeat of the first debate.

This debate was about foreign policy. The truth is that they agreed on many foreign policy points. Foreign policy is difficult in Presidential debates. As the incumbent you have your record good or bad to stand on and as the challenger you have to be careful not to say anything you can’t back up or that intelligence information later discovered might challenge. My impression was that for the most part Governor Romney was happy to set forth a broad foreign policy concept and let the President stand with his record. He didn’t want to go into the details.

On Afghanistan, the country is tired and unless someone plans on completely re-starting the Afghan war and removing Karzai and most of the government the 2014 deadline might as well be enforced. It’s a bad course that will most likely lead to greater problems in the area in the future, however there is no stomach for more troops dying in Afghanistan at this time.

Could Romney have hit on Benghazi more? Probably but I don’t think that was his plan. The record will stand on its own.

Obama did well in being aggressive and staring Romney down, well trying to anyway. The horses and bayonets remark was kind of funny yet inaccurate. We still use bayonets, lots of them and while horses and not a large part of our inventory, we have used them in Afghanistan. As to Naval requirements, another person wrote that it’s better to have many cheap ships than a few very expensive tech ships that would be a great loss if destroyed. Still the point probably goes to the President.

Then there is sequestration. This will hit all Americans if it’s allowed to take effect. If I’m not mistaken the President has no or little control over that, so for Obama to say it’s not going to happen, well I hope he has some secret knowledge the rest of us don’t. I for one don’t want to see it happen but I don’t see either side giving much. We’ll see I suppose.

Overall it will be a wash and that only helps Romney at this point.  Foreign Policy is not the issue this election.  Jobs, the economy and the deficit are the issues. 

Yes, of course I’m biased and my vote has already been sent in.

Oh, and on last thing.  I’m glad this election is just about over.  The incessant phone calls are freaking annoying.

Special Ops Vehicle, really?


The vehicle was designed from the ground up to meet the goals of the competition, which is looking to find a fast, relatively lightweight 4×4 that can be transported inside of a Chinook helicopter or C-130 airplane, operate in a variety of theaters and support the “peculiar modifications” required by special ops teams from each branch of the military. Approximately 1,300 of the winning vehicles will be purchased by the Pentagon through 2020 starting next year at fully equipped price of under $350,000 per unit.

Umm. $350,000 a unit!  Damn.  Doesn’t this seem a bit excessive. I just don’t see $350,000 worth of material there.   The Defense industry is a hell of a racket Business.

Why are news magazines failing?

Newsweek announced it will cut its print magazine. Why? Well just look at the actual print magazine. It’s more like a fashion magazine where the advertisement outweighs the actual articles. Then add to that the articles appear to be geared to the short attention deficit crowd and little if any actual detailed information. They are tabloids in disguise. Now this is not just Newsweek but most magazines out there today.

I love printed material but I want something in them. I want something there. I want something I can go back to time and time again for reference or insight. Todays’ news magazines don’t do that. So why would I buy one when I can get my 80 seconds around the world online or during a quick look at the news screen in the airport?

I don’t know if it’s the editors or the journalist these days but something is failing. I stop buying Newsweek many years ago. I stopped buying USA today years ago for the same reason. Believe it or not people want real news, real information with some background and less opinion.

VP Debate

Ok, yes I took the time as painful as it was to watch the VP debate.  Biden did well in the sense that he took a lot of the attention.  His smirks and laughing with interuptionis may not have served him as well as he’d hoped though.  It was of course rude and pretty annoying.  That said as long as we don’t count the actual statements he made he did well.  Ryan was ok but really that’s about it.  He made a few good points but let Joe dominate too much.

Some of the issue I had were:

Biden threw the intelligence community completely under the bus or tried to.  So the White house didn’t have any suggestion by the IC that Benghazi was a terrorist attack?  Humm, that’s not what I heard yesterday.

Biden seems to believe that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon, well they can’t really deliver it.  Seriously?

Ryan, seemed at bit at a loss with the specifics on the tax plan question.  This should have been expected and a better answer prepared.  I get the idea that you don’t lay out the very detailed plan as you can’t modify if your trying to work a bi-partisan plan but will others?

Overall on pure domination Joe gets this one, profided his rudeness doesn’t turn off more people than it motivates.  On the issues.  Well who looks at that?

The election still comes down to what kind of America do you want.  I know what I want.  I don’t expect to ever get it all but my vote goes to the direction of the Constitution and who will defend it best.

Hearings on Libya Attack

Great line over at “The DiploMad”.

After almost 34 years in the State Department, I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on and don’t really need to hear it. It is the silky swooshing sound of asses being covered.

Look, the security in Benghazi was completely inadequate and their seems to have been no desire by state to reinforce it.  It’s tough to keep that narrative that all is well in the world if you’re beefing up security I suppose.  But the ridicules cover story carried on for days after the incident that it was all over a movie trailer is very strange.

But hell with President Obama in office they all love us so this must have been residual feelings for Bush.  Yeah that’s it.