How did the AFG Surge work out?

You can make your own call.  There will be many who will say that there were more attacks because ISAF was in more areas with more people (targets).  The “Danger Room” has their assessment based on ISAF’s own report.

Military’s Own Report Card Gives Afghan Surge an F

…The U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan ended last week. Conditions in Afghanistan are mostly worse than before it began.

That conclusion doesn’t come from anti-war advocates. It relies on data recently released by the NATO command in Afghanistan, known as ISAF, and acquired by Danger Room. According to most of the yardsticks chosen by the military — but not all — the surge in Afghanistan fell short of its stated goal: stopping the Taliban’s momentum

…The chart above measures the various attacks the Taliban and associated insurgents launched against NATO forces, month by month. In August 2009, the peak of the fighting season and the height of the internal Obama administration debate over a troop surge, insurgents attacked U.S. and allied troops — using small-arms fire, homemade bombs, mortars and more — approximately 2,700 times. In August 2012, they attacked just shy of 3,000 times.

In August 2009, insurgents used just under 600 homemade bombs on U.S.-aligned forces. They used just over 600 homemade bombs on U.S.-aligned forces in August 2012.

The same trend holds for every other month in 2009 compared to every month in 2012 for which there is data: The insurgency launched more attacks this year. In some cases, substantially more: insurgents attacked about 2,000 times in July 2009 and a shade over 3,000 times in July 2012. ISAF registered about 475 attacks from homemade bombs in July 2009; and about 625 in July 2012…

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One thought on “How did the AFG Surge work out?

  1. Like I have said before , Nothing we do in this country will make these people change.There are too many of them that still live in the Dark Ages and breed the same. You would think that Countries in the region would lend a hand but they too Live in the Dark Ages. It seems to me that Not All Countries hate America , just the ones that have Dictators and Tribal Leaders……There Truly is a Price for Freedom…


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