Mohammad cartoons and movies

11th ACR has asked when I’ll comment on the anti-Muslim movie and the Mohammad cartoons from a French Magazine. Ok, I’ll see what I can do here.

First I don’t believe the current riots and protest have much to do with this little known or seen YouTube video. I haven’t seen it or care to. My general feeling at this time is that these protest a bit more organized than they appear. Islamist have seen an opening, a weakness and are pressing their perceived advantage. This has been expected by those of us watching this for many years. If the west continues to placate and apologize then we will continue to see these types of actions.

That said there are many in the region that will look for and find any reason to riot against the west. As Charles Krauthammer said the other day, the response from the west should be, go to hell. We don’t and should not ever give up the ideas of free speech because of a culture of five year olds.

So does that mean the French magazines that published Mohammad cartoon are correct? Yes, all people, all religions are subject to questioning, to jokes or mockery. A strong person or religion just shrugs it off or may discuss the issues but never approves of destruction or violence upon others. A grown-up laughs it off, especially if it’s a funny joke, and just moves on.

What will happen now? I don’t know. What I will say is that in history the United States has been misread many times. The US has been underestimated over and over. It will be again. Unfortunately our foreign policy is in disarray and the chances of more attacks should be expected.


8 thoughts on “Mohammad cartoons and movies

  1. You can say that we’ve extremists on both sides. I dont think so that Muslims react like that even I’m a Muslim but also American and other developed societies need to know that Muslims are really extremist about their religious things even they dont follow true preaching themselves. But truly both sides have been making mistakes.

  2. I wanted you to comment on this subject because I just wanted to say that I Agree with the French on this one….Thought I would ever agree with the French.Anyway , I think the guy is right and I feel that every Magazine around the world should follow in his footsteps. Let the World know that all of the people around the World need a Freedom , whether it be Speech , or the right to Opinion or many others. Let the Countries that help these Radicals know that they will not Win. I may not have said it very Elegantly as Romney puts it but you should get my Point…..
    Thanks JB….


  3. “First I don’t believe the current riots and protest have much to do with this little known or seen YouTube video. ”

    Most of the protests are spontaneous and social media induced reactions to the video.

    Most of the protests in most countries are opposed by clerics, leaders and elders. The problem is that the clerics, leaders and elders have lost control over young people. Another worrisome global phenomenon is how many girls and woman are joining or leading these protests.

    This said, the protests outside of Egypt/Yemen/Sudan/Tunisia took several days to start. I think the protests in Egypt were orchestrated. Especially in the early stages.

    Completely separate from that, Al Qaeda attacked in Libya. According to the Libyan government the attack in Libya was not related to protests.

    Nothing like this has happened since 625 AD. The closest was Salmon Rushdie in the late 1980s, but it was not on this scale.

    Many millions of muslims are crying all day at work, school or in their homes. This is not good.

  4. Anan, why would they be crying? I’m so through with the Middle East. The protesters have the self control of dogs in heat. NOBODY makes you protest. NO RELIGION can force you to kill or riot. Weak governments that cannot control it’s populations or project enough of a strong foreign policy enhance these riots, but let’s be honest every one of these protests had a catalyst and it wasn’t a film. It was a terrorist organization. Pure and simple. Pull the diplomats and let them have at it…..and please leave me out of it.

  5. Today I watched the kite runner again. It’s a wonderful movie. If only all those in the middle east or southwest asia felt as the charactors in this film felt I’d have hope. Although I know there are good poeple in these countries that I’d be more than willing to fight for I don’t see them fighting for themsleves right now.

    Normal, educated and reasonable muslims must show they are with us in the fight against radical thoughts of any kind. If they don’t I don’t see how we can help. That bothers me a lot.

    One of my few friends is muslim. I trust him completely yet I know he also struggles with this world wide fight.

    We cannot legislate against free speech or claim some outrage because of insults. That is what five year olds do. No. The fight for the United States is for freedom of speech and truth in reporting. I would go to Afghanistan again if I believed we were fighting for the ideas put forth in the US constitution but I will not go again for Sharia law. Nor will I support any organization that supports Sharia above basic liberty.

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