US Ambassador to Libya killed

The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other American staff members were killed Tuesday in an attack on the U.S. consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi, the White House confirmed. President Obama, in a written statement issued Wednesday morning, called the attack "outrageous" and "senseless."

Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was killed Tuesday night when he and a group of embassy employees went to the consulate to try to evacuate staff. The protesters, angry over a film that ridiculed Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, were firing gunshots and rocket-propelled grenades.

It’s a damn shame but then that’s how well appeasement works.


18 thoughts on “US Ambassador to Libya killed

  1. This was an attack on American Soil isn’t it? Foreign Embassies claim that the land of which the Embassy is on is sovereign Right?
    Then this was an Act of War?


  2. JB, we don’t yet know what happened.

    It “MIGHT” be that the attack in Libya was by Al Qaeda against the Libyan government and US. The Libyan government seems eager to mix it up with Al Qaeda in a kinetic way. From a distance it appears that every part of the Libyan establishment, civil society and public seems deeply outraged by what has happened and determined to go after what they see as their own enemies. We will need additional confirmation that this is correct in the coming months.

    The contrast with Egypt is night and day. Unlike the Libyan government, Morsi has been silent so far. The Egyptian public has not so far shown an outpouring of empathy for the US and a determination to go after Al Qaeda.

    Initial reporting suggest that the attack in Egypt was by Al Qaeda with Al Qaeda flags and pro Al Qaeda slogans.

  3. Well one thing for sure, we’re really operating from a position of strength based on our strong foreign policy that we’ve established throughout the middle east. It’s a good thing we don’t come at things from an appeasment angle. Anyways, I’m sure Israel has our back. That’s what good relationships that you nuture do for you.

  4. Chilihntr, it is looking increasingly like “Al Qaeda” itself orchestrated both attacks.

    The attack has seriously angered the Libyan government and public. We should help the Libyans take their vengeance against Al Qaeda. [If current reports are accurate.] Obama is already moving military assets to Libya to provide combat enablers for the Libyans in searching out Salafi extremist scum.

    The new friends in Libya and Tunisia will come in handy now. As you might know Al Qaeda formally declared war on the country of Tunisia two months ago. The feeling is mutual.

    The problem in Egypt is that it is far from clear that Morsi really is against Al Qaeda.

    The alliances with Turkey and Iraq will also come in useful.

    The Iraqis are requesting new American trainers and there is a good chance Obama will send them. [McCain said that the Iraqis wanted to extend the presence of US forces in Iraq in 2011, but Obama blocked the deal by imposing unrealistic conditions because Obama wanted out.]

    The DoD released a press statement about US training the Iraqi Air Force inside Iraq for the first time in a while.

    Since it looks like these were both Al Qaeda attack, it is best to go after them without overt Israeli involvement.

    Chilihntr, Israel pursues its own interests, and sometimes these aren’t 100% the same as America’s interests. For example remember the way Israel shared F-16 classified technology with the Chinese so that China could develop the J-10 4th generation fighter? Remember how Israel shared advanced radar technology with China that caused the US to impose sanctions on Israel?

    This is the reason that Israel doesn’t have access to many US military specifications that Turkey, South Korea, India, Brazil and UAE can purchase. [Personally I don’t think the UAE should get access to such advanced tech either.]

    Israel also sent weapons to Serbia months before the NATO versus Serbia war in 1999. Israel similarly has close mil to mil, intelligence and military procurement ties to Russia.

    Israel does these things because Israel needs the support of as many allies as possible to survive. Including China, Russia, Serbia and other countries that have traditionally not been close US allies.

    Did Israel help NATO, the Arab League and Turkey in the Libyan war? did Israel help in the 2003-2008 Iraq war? Has Israel helped since 2001 in Afghanistan? Perhaps secretly. But not nearly as much as many other countries. Such as Japan for example.

  5. I say we pull out of all Muslim Countries , stop all aid to those countries and just sit back and wait for them to starve to death….Just Saying……
    And one other thing….Lets send all the Muslims here in the US to their Mother Country where they can get the respect they deserve……


  6. You would deport 7 to 9 million patriotic US citizens? Remember that Muslim Americans are an educated, affluent, successful and influential American minority. A larger percentage of muslim Americans are millionaires than the percentage of Americans more broadly. More likely to create companies, more likely to be members of the start-up team, and a host of other metrics.

    What you advocate is unamerican. Hasn’t happened since 1775.

    George Washington said that religious “tolerance” was wrong because “tolerance” was not enough. All religions deserved to be more than merely tolerated. Washington was right.

    To your isolationist ideas. The economy isn’t bad enough yet. We should add to our problems by protectionist anti freedom socialist policies so that we can really increase our unemployment and reduce living standards.

    Great. Let the government restrict the freedom of Americans to trade, invest, mutually travel to and from and engage in collaborative product development with foreigners.

    Steve Jobs offered to move the assembly of Apple products to the US if Obama agreed to finance junior college courses for factory managers as well as allow Apple to import specialized skill foreign labor to work at Apple factories inside the US.

    Naturally, most in Washtington were appalled by this idea. Obviously all Apple products should be assembled oversees. Heavy sarcasm intended.

    On a more practical level, Al Qaeda’s greatest enemies are fellow muslims. What is wrong with helping muslims smash Al Qaeda? How does weakening Al Qaeda’s many enemies around the world benefit Americans?

  7. I have no desire to remove Muslim American Citizens myself. I have a few friends in that category and I have no reason to doubt their alliegance, however, The culture of the middle-east / southwest asia is something to be fought strongly. It goes against the ideas of a free democracy and liberty for all. The attack on our basic concepts must be defeated and appeasment is not the asnwer. Appologies are not the answer.

    ANAN I hope your right that muslims are Al-Qaeda’s greated ememy but to this date we have not seen that. While many have fought against Al-Qaeda not all of been because they support us or our ideas. In that respect they are often just as much our enemies as Al-Qaeda. We have been attacked long before Al-Qaeda came to be from the same places and ideologies.

  8. “I have no desire to remove Muslim American Citizens myself.” Never thought you did.

    “The culture of the middle-east / southwest asia” I have a problem with the concept. This is a very diverse region with many very different cultures. The difference between some middle east cultures and the US is less than the difference between different middle east cultures.

    You need to be a lot more specific.

    Turkey for example is a free market free democracy. With lower government regulations, spending and taxes than the US. And a more pro business and pro globalization government attitude.

    Which country in particular are you talking about?

    After 9/11 and after the 1998 attacks do you think the US practiced a policy of appeasement with respect to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? Probably we did. But the reason we did was because of how dangerous and powerful the enemy was.

    Not all muslims are Al Qaeda’s enemies. But many are. Notice how 220 ANSF die every month fighting the Taliban (with many more getting injured for life). ISAF loses about 35 to 40 dead a month.

    The ANA is not fighting for ISAF, the UN or any foreigners. They are fighting for themselves because they believe the Taliban would probably kill them and their extended families if the Taliban ever returned to power.

    Similarly in Libya people fight Al Qaeda not because Al Qaeda mass murders foreigners as much as because Libyans feel threatened by Al Qaeda themselves.

    Maliki keeps talking about his fear of Al Qaeda in public because he feels Al Qaeda threatens his people, not because of foreigners.

    “While many have fought against Al-Qaeda not all of been because they support us or our ideas.”


    But isn’t the opposite also true. After the embassy bombings in 1998, the US bombed Afghanistan and killed 20 Pakistani Army officers and several Taliban. This wasn’t because they were plotting attacks on Afghans (especially the Northern alliance) which they were. This wasn’t because they were plotting attacks on Iran, Shiites, Indians, Russians, which they were. It is because they also happened to have attacked America in 1998.

    In last two weeks the Taliban beheaded the 6 year old niece of someone in the ANSF. They also beheaded the 12 year old nephew of someone in the ANSF. They keep attacking the relatives of ANSF . If you were a soldier in the ANA, wouldn’t this be a much bigger motivation for you to fight the Taliban than what the Taliban is doing in far away countries that you have no understanding or conception of [assuming you only have a 1st grade education and don’t know what the word “computer” means.]?

    In the month of July, the Taliban caused 96% of all civilian casualties in Afghanistan based on ISAF statistics (with the ANSF and ISAF causing the rest).

    Of course Afghanistan is extremely different from the middle east and Afghans as a rule hate “Arabs”. The difference between Afghanistan and Arabs are as large as the differences between Afghans and Americans.

    For Libyans I suspect that the first focus is to protect their own families from Al Qaeda. This is the reason they are hunting down and killing Al Qaeda. Not because of foreigners.

  9. “hope your right that muslims are Al-Qaeda’s greated ememy but to this date we have not seen that.”

    Could you elaborate? Why do you think Iraqis hated Al Qaeda so much? Why do you think that most recruiting fairs for the Iraqi Army were so over subscribed with volunteers who wanted to fight?

    The stated purpose of the sectarian Shiite militias in Iraq were to kill Al Qaeda.

    “In that respect they are often just as much our enemies as Al-Qaeda.”
    I don’t follow. Isn’t it mostly enough that they hate Al Qaeda and want to fight them?

    “We have been attacked long before Al-Qaeda came to be from the same places and ideologies.”

    Please elaborate. Al-Qaeda is a name. Perhaps a better phrase to use would be “Takfiri” or “Salafi extremists”. By far the largest security threat to all 7.1 billion of us comes from them. Most terrorism everywhere in the world comes from them.

    There are other extremists. Twelvers, Sufis, various Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist sects. But they are smaller.

    Maybe you are referring to the attack in 1983 in Lebanon? That was by Shiite extremists. A different but real threat.

  10. I may not be politically correct but if the Muslims in this Country do not take care of their own and leave it up to us Rednecks they will always be the Enemy in our eyes. Just like the poor Japanese in WW2 here in the US. They were not the Enemy but they were in our eyes at the time. I agree that there are some Muslims that are not extremist but you can’t tell me that the Muslims in Egypt didn’t know that this attack was not going to happen and they could have said something. If you stand by and watch then you are as guilty as they are. Here in America we have freedom of speech , religion and so on. If the Muslims do not like our freedoms and laws then they need to go home.Why is it such religion offers killings because they think their right has been stepped on. Why is it that Americans do not kill them for Burning our Flag. The American Flag represents Freedom , bloodshed and Honor and is just as important to us as their belief in Allah. Yet if we retaliate we are murders but they kill us and it is for Allah. The answer is we live in the 21st Century and they live in some religious cult type dream that everyone has to be Muslim or Die. No where is there an once of Freedom for anyone on Earth in that Statement.


  11. 11th, Egypt is one of the worst countries in the world. They have long been an enemy. Glad people are finally recognizing them for what they are.

    You do realize that Al Qaeda hates other muslims worse than they hate Americans, right? They hate muslim Americans more than non muslim Americans. They are part of the reason so many muslims want to become Americans, so that they can be safe from Al Qaeda type crazies.

    The entire world must unite to take out the evildoers.

    Do you remember what happened in Iraq. Al Qaeda attempted a genocide against more than 20 million Iraqis. Iraqis kicked Al Qaeda’s but. Thanks in part to some outside help.

  12. ANAN, I have no plans on writing a book length report of on why the Middle-East and Southwest Asia are a mess. However, on Turkey I say this.

    Turkey is a bit of an exception to the area. It has and has always had a very European influence. But even Turkey has moved in the Islamic fundamentalist direction in recent years. With the almost fused link to Germany I don’t think it’s something to worry about just yet. Now I’ve spent a bit of time in Turkey and while the cities it may appear a modern country just outside the city limits it’s much like any other country in that region. To compare it to a modern western country would not be fair. It isn’t. I could only compare it to perhaps Greece where I have also spent some time. I liked my time in Turkey and enjoyed the locals there. It does stand out in a good way in a region of chaos.

  13. I have been reading a few Blogs today about the Anti American Uprising and they all say Exactly what i have already said…. Take all Americans out of all of the Muslim Countries and STOP the AID. Seems like my opinion is with the Majority……..
    Then take that Money and Help the VA with the soldiers that have defended this Country.

  14. 11th, the US economy is extremely dependent on international investment, trade and cross country product development.

    Retreating from the world would likely cause a deep global depression comparable to the great depression in the early 1930s.

    Isn’t unemployment high enough already? Why double it? Aren’t wages low enough already? Why lower them further?

    Nothing like this has happened in the muslim world since 625 AD. Even Salmon Rushdie in the late 1980s wasn’t nearly this bad. Protests against the Iraq war 2003-2006 were not nearly this bad as even the Rushdie protests in the late 1980s.

    We are seeing protests in every part of the world. Protests that in the large majority of cases are being opposed by clerics, leaders and elders. They seem powerless to stop this.

    I think the real reason for these global protests (France and much of Europe is also being racked by protests) is social media.

    Does anyone think twitter, facebook, youtube, e-mail and other social media sites be temporarily shut down until this wave of muslim emotion passes? I don’t think so. But we should not underestimate the wave of emotion being felt by 1.5 billion muslims.

    Lots of muslims around the world are crying all day at work or in their homes. This could really blow up.

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