Plaquemines Parish Flooding

It looks like hurricane Isaac is causing considerable damage to parts of Louisiana. 

Twitchy has some photos that show the flooding. 

I feel for the families who’s homes are underwater but I wonder, should we really be living in places that need levees to protect them from the weather?  Maybe build and live above sea level.  Just thinking out loud.


3 thoughts on “Plaquemines Parish Flooding

  1. Good answer JB….I guess I need to get out of California because of the Earth Quakes and maybe someone that lives near a forest shoud live in a Concrete Jungle so that Wild Fires don’t take him out. Yea I know a bit harsh…But Just saying…Shit Happens where ever you live.

  2. 11th, I didn’t mean it to come across mean, but I’ve been there and seen how some of the neighborhoods are literally in a hole with water all around. That just doesn’t seem safe. While major flooding like this doesn’t happen every year it does happen often. The levee system has actually worked pretty well for a lot of years but they are still below sea level in many areas.

    As to California, hell earthquakes are the least of your worries. Bankruptcy is much more prevalent these days. 😉

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