Not that anyone noticed

3 NATO troops killed in attack by man in Afghan uniform
KABUL, Afghanistan – The U.S.-led military coalition in Afghanistan says three of its troops have been killed by a man in an Afghan army uniform.

The attack is the latest in a rising number of disturbing shootings this year by Afghans soldiers — or insurgents dressed as government troops — on the international forces training them to fight the Taliban as the international coalition withdraws.

We sure aren’t hearing much about Afghanistan in the election cycle news these days.  Neither party wants to touch it. 


8 thoughts on “Not that anyone noticed

  1. I’m sure some of us have heard JB. This is an unfortunate situation and a part of this War that should have been taken care of a long time ago. The problem stems from the American Leaders not doing their Job. They just started to let the Soldiers Training these Idiots to even wear a weapon. I think some of these Leaders should be Prosecuted for their lack of action. The other part of this story is why doesn’t Karsai say something? Why is it the POTUS has to say that we are sorry when an American Troop goes off the deep end…Of which….I would like to add that we are always fed bullshit from the media so I am not positive that some of the off base killings were not just some GI Going Off….I am sure the Military Readers would know what I am saying. We need to let these soldiers do their Job and give them the right to fight and dump the Rules of Engagement that are created from Idiots sitting in a nice secure place playing with the lives of our Young Soldiers.


  2. What the hell? I’m marking the calendar. I think we agree here. Miracles do happen. LOL

    And yes I know many in our country are paying attention. It is frustrating how little attention the politicians are giving it right now though. That’s all of them BTW.

    It’s the issue no one wants to talk much about.

  3. 11th, JB and I signed an agreement. Every 7th Thursday we are supposed to agree with you regardless of the topic. We pinky swore…….

  4. Thank You both very much….and I appreciate it ….Even if it had been every 6th Thursday….That would have been fine with me……


  5. You know guys, with all the stupidity in this world, the sooner I can sail off the grid, the better… are both invited onboard for scotch and cigars.

  6. Sounds like a Plan Chil….I don’t Drink Scotch but I will make an Exception….And maybe JB and I will pull out our Guitars and Play some Real Music…


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