Are politicians really that stupid? Yes

Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin

"It seems to me first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare." "If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

Umm, done!  Missouri GOP you better choose again.  This guys a freaking idiot.  How the hell do you misspeak as he says to this? 

The really frustrating thing is,  they’re up against Claire McCaskill which should be easy pickings.  Not now.


7 thoughts on “Are politicians really that stupid? Yes

  1. More than 200 Republican in Congress agree with this Nut Job…Why would anyone Vote Republican? Romney s Veep even put his name on the House Resolution 212:


  2. Not true. 11th don’t turn into one of them. It’s one thing to oppose abortion it’s another to get basic biology wrong. To equate the two is dishonest. While I may or may not agree with abortion or what the legal defination of where life begins is, I won’t campare stupidity to disagreeing, But then I’m not and never will be a democrat.

  3. I always try to give an opinion on what I feel is right not on whether that someone is Republican or Democrat. I vote on the person not his or her Political Preference. Saying that you would never vote Democrat shows you don’t actually follow a Good Person or a Bad one. I wasn’t saying that Not voting for a Republican is Wrong , I was just saying that over 200 Republicans think alike on Abortion and that This Nut Job Represents one of them. We all have opinions on abortion and Mine probably differs from yours but….I believe that a WOMAN needs to have charge of her life NOT ME or any other man. The real question boils down to …If YOU were Raped and COULD have a baby…What would you like YOUR Rights to BE….That’s right…We cannot have babies so why are we telling someone who can what to do? Just saying……Aikin is just another Idiot in Politics….The only real President I have seen in my years was Kennedy…But that is just another Opinion…..


  4. One cannot seperate the political party from the politician, at least not very often. The money is in the party and the politician must follow the plateform to some extent. Abortion is a touchy subject for some. I’m not for or against. Although I find it to be very convienient for people who don’t want to take responsibilty for their actions and their own bodies. But that’s not the issue. This guy was just biologically wrong. As to voting- until the democrats drop the far left and their violent partners and adopt a common sense platform I don’t see ever supporting that party or thier candidates.

    If it makes you feel better my wife agrees more with you than me.. lol

  5. if life doesn’t count until a human being is no longer dependant on others to survive, than it never really begins for liberals…

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