Funny of the week, parking spaces in Germany


Town Assigns ‘Easy’ Parking Spots to Women


(Newser) – Pull into the new parking garage in Triberg, Germany, and you’ll see something strange: wide, well-lit spaces with female symbols on them, and cramped spaces near concrete pillars with male symbols on them. The logic is simple, according to Mayor Gallus Strobel: Men are better at parking. He insists the move wasn’t sexist, because there are 10 spaces reserved for women, and just two for men, the Telegraph reports.

What’s more, Strobel seems delighted by the controversy he’s kicked up. "I never expected this reaction," he said. "I’ve been on the phone all day, the TV will come. I am happy, and it looks like we’ve hit a raw nerve in society. It’s been a great marketing gimmick. Women can come here and prove me wrong, and while they’re at it they can see the town’s attractions."



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One Response to “Funny of the week, parking spaces in Germany”

  1. 11th Says:

    Here in the US were have the same…We call them [Handicap Parking] LoL…..


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