The welfare world…

IMF piles pressure on Germany to help struggling eurozone banks directly

…The head of the International Monetary Fund has piled pressure on Germany by recommending a series of crisis-fighting measures that chancellor Angela Merkel has resisted…

…One of Lagarde’s recommendations for Europe was that eurozone leaders should consider issuing bonds or debt "in some form" backed by the governments of all member countries. Berlin opposes the idea because it would put German taxpayers on the hook for foreign debts and increase the country’s cost of borrowing…

I bet that whole European Union thing looked really good in the beginning.  The idea that a group of correct thinking European countries could build a coalition that could bring Europe to the center stage again was exciting. Little did Germany know they would be paying for the entire experiment.  But then there aren’t many people anywhere in the world today that actually want to work for a goal.  They all feel too special for that. Why the Germans agreed to working with the historically less than motivated is beyond me. 

Of course we here in the good old USA are only slightly better than Greece these days.  Too many people are continually wanting something for nothing. 


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