Scott Walker still standing

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Scott Walker the Governor of Wisconsin faced the unions, the Democrat machine and withstood his recall election.  LT. GOV Kleefisch also did well.  Does this mean anything for November?  I sure hope so.  But I don’t get my hopes up much these days.

I’m sure we’ll hear a ton of excuses tomorrow  from the media and the left.  Yes, that was redundant I know.  Image Detail


8 thoughts on “Scott Walker still standing

  1. So JB…..You are hoping for Willard Mitt Romney to take over the Big Job…..What is wrong with you Lad?????? You know I am Independent and thought that everyone would vote against ALL Repubs because of all the Stonewalling they have done in the past three years in the House and Senate. I remember on the Day Big O got elected a Republican Senator said right into the Camera…”I will do what ever it takes to make this President a One Term President.” That sorta sets the tone for all the help across the Isle shit I would say. I don’t agree with everything this Pres has done but then again I don’t agree with ANY Pres. I am sure though that Big O has done a better job than McCain would have and I think we would be in a World of Shit under the guidance of McCain. Just my thoughts….Though Sara would have been easier on the Eyes than Biden…..


  2. When one looks at the EPA, TSA, DHS and the justice department under this administration, a rational, freedom loving capitalist cannot in good conscience support this administration. Mr. Vacation hasn’t done anything that would spur the economy but has through regulations and policy restricted that ability of businesses to expand and grow. His policies are founded on a dependency state that I cannot abide.

    You can’t blame George W. forever.

    Spending without end must at a minimum slow the hell down. The Nanny state must go away and I will not ever support any organization that doesn’t at least propose these ideas.

    Damn 11th, everytime I think we’ve made some progress with ya, you slip back.

    That’s ok though, I hear Jerry Brown is working wonders for you all out that way. 😉

  3. 11th, how many votes did Sen. Harry Reid refuse to bring to the floor of the Senate???? Let’s be fair in this discourse. Would Romney be my first choice, Nope, not even close, but since neither you or JB are running, he’s the only choice I have.

  4. 11th, Romney is not my first pick. Unfortunately I don’t know if we have a good potential President anywhere out there. I won’t be as reluctant to vote for Romney as i was for McCain but still…

  5. What about all the help that the Republicans have given this administration? There is absolutely No Bipartisanship. It is either we do it the Dem way or the Repub Way. This is not what the Constitution reads and by the way “W” took down the Constitution when in Office and I for one would like to have it back. The Economy and Gas is the Big Ticket Item this year just like it was 3 years ago. The economy from where I see it has recovered pretty well, at least in California. My 401K recovered so I see that Big O did save us from the Doom of a Great Depression. Just like everyone that looks at what a President does , if he didn’t touch you in some way than he is a Bad Leader. Did I mention Bin Laden and the Drone Attacks. You have to give Credit too if you are going to give criticism. The Gas thing. There are answers for that but No President is willing to step on the US Oil Conglomerate…Or is it Cartel because they are the ones that are keeping us as Hostages and helping to ruin the Economy.
    Just a few Rebuttal Remarks….:)…..


  6. I agree that we have no bipartisanship. We have politicians not citizens, who’s only goal is self profit and power. As to helping this administration, if the administration would put forward something worth helping there might be a little movement. But again I agree on the lack of bipartisanship.

    As to W taking down the constitution, you’d have to be more specific. But I would say there are certainly parts of the patriot acts that we could revisit and I’d be happy to see the Department of Homeland Security go away along with a whole lot of other departments.

    “The economy from where I see it has recovered pretty well, at least in California.”

    I don’t even know what to say to this. Do you get the news where you are. California is in serious debt trouble. Business’s are moving away. You might be personally doing well, which I’m glad to hear as you are family, but I don’t think that is the standard by which we base all decisions. Wait, then again a certain party does seem to base their decision just like that.

    As to Bin Laden, well I’m certainly glad he’s gone and Obama led the raid. I wish they’d release the video of him fast roping into that compound in Pakistan. I’m sure he was magnificent.

    It was a mighty tough call to take down the worlds number one terrorist who’s operation killed roughly 3000 Americans.

    Done attacks I give him full credit for and the fact we continue to target terrorist in Pakistan. I’ll also give him credit for the attacks in Yemen and elsewhere. No, problem there.

    There are of course more to foreign policy than drone attacks and bin laden.

    You say there is and answer to the gas thing. I’m curious to hear what you believe that is. I may agree. I’m curious the oil cartels are holding us hostage? Again not necessarily disagreeing on this but I would need more specifics.

  7. WOW….We agree on more than I thought……The only thing I will add is the Economy in California. Just because California is in a huge debt doesn’t have anything to do with whether the economy is Bad or Good. The Idiots here do not know how to take care of Business. I’m not sure any of them can count to ten. Our debt crisis started a few years ago when we got stuck right in the middle of the Enron Fiasco. Enron was proven to be crooks , closed their Doors , execs went to Jail and yet the Justice system made California pay all of the money to Enron although we were illegally charged Millions for something we never received.Since then The lawmakers along with Arnold sent us into the toilet. I know Brown is not liked much but he is making some head way.I work at the Port and watch Imports and Exports leave Cali every day. What I have seen is when in 2008 when the bubble broke the railroad came to a complete stop.Meaning the economy came to a complete stop. In the past 3 years I have seen the Railroad back in full force and Goods being sent back over seas and a lot more imports. This does not just mean a better economy for Cali but for the Country as a whole.


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