Covert doesn’t seem to mean the same thing these days

US hacked Yemeni Al Qaeda sites to reverse propaganda, Clinton says

In a rare public admission of the covert cyber war against extremists, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says cyber experts based at the State Department hacked Yemeni tribal websites, replacing Al Qaeda propaganda that bragged about killing Americans.

“Within 48 hours, our team plastered the same sites with altered versions of the ads that showed the toll Al Qaeda attacks have taken on the Yemeni people,” Clinton said Wednesday.

In response, “Extremists are publicly venting their frustration and asking supporters not to believe everything they read on the Internet,” she said.

Why is this in the news?  Why is Clinton telling us this?  Anyone in this administration understand the word covert? Do they realize you can’t win if you continue to tell the enemy your battle plan?   

4 thoughts on “Covert doesn’t seem to mean the same thing these days

  1. Actually JB. In this case it doesn’t matter that she told on herself because being Covert in this case was over as soon as the mission was implemented. Since it was on Internet sites everyone and their brother would know on the AlQaida side since it was there site….They know we are watching…….


  2. I disagree. But let’s say AQ did know. They wouldn’t know who. They might suspect but not “know”. That’s a big deal in this world. Also it’s beside the point. This administration seems to be in such a hurry to say look at what we’ve done that they don’t seriously consider security. We know way too much about numerous operations and how they were accomplished. Even is the how wasn’t exactly correct. It’s shouldn’t be out there.

  3. I can hear that from your point of view it comes from a Military Person that has been in Combat. I had similar views when I was on Active Duty. The point is Today it doesn’t matter anymore who knows what because the Battles are now interactive , Real Time , and covert is over as soon as the Battle is Committed. The use of Cyber Warfare is no different than back in the day when we dropped leaflets , (Now that’s an Old way to send propaganda) but the results are the same. As soon as you have done it ONCE then you can not do that maneuver again. We do not give out plans or secrets of how we do what we do but just say we can get you know matter what information you think you have.

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