Court records show Zimmerman was injured

So, now as was suspected, George Zimmerman appears to have sustained several injuries the night he shot Trayvon Martin.  Court records released by prosecutors in show that he was treated for two black eyes, a broken nose and a cut on the back of his head. At the same time the Justice Department is looking into charging Zimmerman with a hate crime.  There simply is no shame in this Justice Department. No my friends true hate resides not in George Zimmerman the "white-Hispanic" but rather the media that manipulated audio tapes to produce a story that is pushing racial tolerance to its limits. Hate exists in the race baiting hucksters that live on social unrest. Hate is deep in the political left that seems hell bent on proving we can’t possibly live together in peace.   Where there are special rules for special people.

In a world that now seems continually upside down, we find the rule of law superseded by the power of the mob.  It is now a hate crime to look out for your neighborhood.  To simply question someone is illegal.

When attacked one would think the only legal course of action today is to beg for compassion and run away, if allowed and thus leaving your home, your family and your neighbors’ at the mercy of the worst in society.  Trayvon may have simply been walking to his fathers’ girlfriends house, but how much simpler it would have been to just talk to George Zimmerman and explain why he was there.  Have we lost all common sense? Must we seek out insult in every action regardless of any actual intent?

Without any evidence to suggest George Zimmerman did anything wrong, he has been hunted like a convicted clansman.  Nearly all the information initially reported about George Zimmerman was completely false.  It was fabricated to fit the narrative. This was not by mistake but with a purpose.


2 thoughts on “Court records show Zimmerman was injured

  1. The Media should be Prosecuted…and Florida has a law for self defense , so if this guy gets a sentence , then our Judicial System is down a rat Hole…….I agree with Clinton that this Law should never have been passed and Now should be changed or dropped from the books. This law can cause a lot of trouble putting guns in to many hands on the street….


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