Secret Service / Military OPS, I mean oops

Cartagena, COLOMBIA – The scandal regarding as many a 12 Secret Service agents being sent home because one allegedly tried to bring a prostitute into his hotel room, which resulted in a confrontation, has now widened to include five U.S. service members.

Military officials said Saturday the service members violated curfew and "may have been involved in inappropriate conduct …alleged to have occurred in the same hotel where the recalled U.S. Secret Service agents were staying."

The service members were assigned to Joint Task Force Summit of the Americas in support of the Secret Service.

General Douglas Fraser, commander of USSOUTHCOM, said he is "disappointed by the entire incident and that this behavior is not in keeping with the professional standards expected of members of the United States military."

What the hell is going on here?  Look I’m no prude but damn this is the Secret Service (SS) you’d think they’d understand discreet.  It appears the standards have dropped in both the SS and the Military. What are they a bunch of E-1 privates on a weekend pass from AIT (Advanced Individual Training).

As a former military fella, I cringe knowing that this doesn’t just affect the summit or their personal careers but others who have nothing to do with this event.  Trust me, rules will be put into place that will screw over others with more common sense.

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7 thoughts on “Secret Service / Military OPS, I mean oops

  1. I guess the ole saying Boys will be Boys is appropriate here. If a New Rule is needed after this attrocious Event (lol) then I would say that the SS and Military should figure out how to keep this type of info in HOUSE and not leak it to the Press. The Press is NO ONES Friend. Give Me a Break…….I am tired of these stories…..Sure Glad the Press Corp. Didn’t follow me around in Nam is all I got to say…


  2. What gets me is that they let this get so far as to have local cops show up. Hell the senior guy should have paid the bill and issued out a little extra duty.

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  4. But Chili, they did their own investigation. I mean they cleared themselves so I’m sure they were all good.

  5. Remember Tailhook? Patsy Shroader and her fellow Democrats sure did a number on the Naval Aviation community. Yes, boys will be boys, but you would think that individuals tasked with something as important as the protection of the President of the United States would also exhibit such traits as, discretion, maturity, and oh yea, common sense!!

  6. Jim, I agree that the traites required for any high level security team were not displayed. Already measure are now being inacted that will affect the many who have always been responsible.

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