Afghanistan policy confusion

From the Washington Post

Obama’s troubled handling of Afghanistan

As they watch these moves, Afghans, the Taliban and neighbors such as Pakistan can reasonably conclude that the United States, rather than trying to win the war, is racing to implement an exit strategy in which the interests of Afghans and their government are slighted. Americans, meanwhile, rarely hear Mr. Obama explain the mission or the stakes. In this context, it’s not surprising that Afghans show little tolerance for U.S. failures — whether it is this week’s shooting or the accidental burning of Korans. And it’s little wonder that most Americans favor withdrawing troops as quickly as possible. If it’s evident that the president won’t defend the war, and is focused on “winding down” rather than winning, why should anyone else support it?

Good question. 


2 thoughts on “Afghanistan policy confusion

  1. There is no Winning this war if that is what you call it. From Genghis Khan to the Russians…No one has ever made this Country Civilized. We need to pull out as I have always said in the past…


  2. Yes let’s pull out before I have to go to that cesspool again! Lack of clear cut goals, limited rules of engagement, nation building etc make this a less than desirable place to end my life or those of my soldiers.

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