US Soldier Kills 16 Afghans

A US soldier in Afghanistan has killed at least 16 civilians and wounded five after entering their homes in Kandahar province, senior local officials say.

He left his military base in the early hours of the morning and opened fire in at least two homes; women and children were among the dead…

…The soldier has not been named, but is thought to be a staff sergeant.

BBC’s Quentin Sommerville: "This kind of rogue event is almost unknown in Afghanistan"

He is reported to have walked off his base at around 03:00 local time (22:30 GMT Saturday) and headed to nearby villages, moving methodically from house to house…

At this point all I have is questions, like how did he leave the base?  Did he just walk out?  Did he drive? Alone?  Its very strange.  There is certainly a lot more to find out here. 

Either way it doesn’t look good. 

In many ways Afghanistan appears to be coming to a head.

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