More good news in AFG

Report: US investigating Afghan Air Force for alleged drug running.

KABUL – The U.S. is investigating allegations that some officials in the Afghan Air Force, which was established largely with American funds, have been using aircraft to ferry narcotics and illegal weapons around the country, American officials told The Wall Street Journal.

Two probes of the Afghan Air Force, or AAF, are under way-one led by the U.S. military coalition and another by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, officials said.

I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding. 


3 thoughts on “More good news in AFG

  1. What is the big deal? Many militaries around the world have challenges with corruption. The Pakistani Army is highly corrupt, yet they are arguably the best military in human recorded history relative to their budget.

    They have been quite successful in training, equipping, funding and embedded advising the Taliban and Al Qaeda linked militias on a relatively modest budget.

    It is important to remember that many aircraft and parts of the AAF were donated by countries other than the US.

    According to wikileaks Gen Petraeus and other American officials urged President Karzai not to accept aircraft donations from India.

    Russia has donated aircraft to the ANSF. However, if President Karzai and the Afghan parliament would only ask nicely, the Russians would offer a lot more aircraft and complementary AAF training.

    Do you think that President Obama should threaten President Karzai with cutting off US support unless President Karzai nicely asks the Russians for military grants, and publicly stops shooting his mouth off insulting Russia? [Maybe President Karzai can’t help shooting his mouth off in public insulting other countries. Seems to be not be able to control what he says and when he says it.]

    Do you think President Obama should stop trying to block India from helping the Afghans fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda?

    Do you think President Obama should let the Iranian Army train the ANSF under NTM-A command and control? [Iran keeps publicly offering to help the Afghans fight the Taliban and AQ, and keeps attacking ISAF for backing the Taliban against the ANSF and Afghans.]

  2. The big deal is the continued support of a government that doesn’t meet the basic standards to support thier own countries needs. The big deal is that we most often know what is going on yet look the other way in order to say how great things are going.

    As to blocking india I think is a mistake. Iran, no. Iran should not be allowed to do anything.

  3. Good to see that in my hiatus, that Anan has become reasonable. I’ll bet he and Hilary could solve all the issues in the region. If only we spent more money……

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