Afghans kill their own in the name of Allah

A Taliban suicide car bomber has killed at least nine people and wounded 10 others in an attack at Jalalabad airport in eastern Afghanistan.

The insurgents said the bombing was in revenge for a Koran-burning incident at a US air base a week ago.

The burning, which the US says was unintentional, has sparked violent protests across the country.

Nato said it had no reports of international forces being among the casualties in Jalalabad.

No international forces among the casualties.  Well hell lets just kill anyone in the name of Allah.  This is who we are trying to deal with and train.  What do you think the overall prospects for Afghanistan are? 


4 thoughts on “Afghans kill their own in the name of Allah

  1. Have you considered that these were extremist Taliban/Al Qaeda attacks on Afghans and that the “Koran” was just a label on an attack that would have happened anyway?

    An Afghan recently commented that the total number of “Koran” protestors in the whole country wasn’t very many considering Afghanistan has 33 million people. Much of it was international media hype.

    Many Afghans aren’t educated and vulnerable to demagoguery. If you want to change that, pay for the Afghan department of Education. Pay for ANATC and ANPTC. Watch how quickly things change. Unfortunately President Obama opposes significantly funding these things, as did President Bush before him.

  2. Agree with your first point.

    As to the funding issue, who do you think is Funding the ANATC and ANPTC? The GiRoA? Where is their funding coming from.

    Education is important in Afghanistan yet it’s hampered not by US funding but Afghan culture. While many near the maine cities certainly are striving for education most of the country is rural and petty power struggles are the local leaders priorities.

    Lastly it’s not our responibility to make Afghanistan work. It’s thiers.

    Note: I was never one to buy into Gen. Powells idea that if you break it you bought it. Nope we did the job in 03 and should have left with a clear lesson to all those that support attacks on us.

    Granted the greatest supporter of the 911 attack continues to be our ally and pays no price what so ever.

  3. JB, the vast majority of international aid does not go to education, the ANATC and ANPTC. The aid has gone towards other areas. Most of it has been wasted.

    Countries other than the US have given or pledged something like $30 billion in grants to Afghanistan. The role of other countries in education, and the ANSF training commands is especially large.

    “Lastly it’s not our responibility to make Afghanistan work. It’s thiers.” True. This said, Afghans dislike Al Qaeda and the Taliban more than we do. They are also targeted by them. It is in our interests that the ANSF win their war against the Taliban. And yet, are we really committed to ANSF victory? Many ISAF service-people aren’t sure, let alone ANSF.

    “Granted the greatest supporter of the 911 attack continues to be our ally and pays no price what so ever.” Entirely the opposite of paying a price. US presidents bow down to them and kiss their hands.

    How do you convince ANA that America does not back the Taliban and Al Qaeda? Especially when they bring up how Osama Bin Laden was backed by we all know who.

    Afghan culture values education more than American culture does.

    Afghanistan use to have a tenth as many children in school in 2001 compared to now. The number of girls in school now is 2.5 million compared to about 800 K boys and almost no girls in 2001.

    Even though the number of freshman admitted to college is 40 K now compared to about 1 K in 2000, college admission is very competitive.

    The entire ANSF only admits 650 students into a 4 year cadet program per year. To even be considered for admission an applicant needs to be in the top 5% of their high school graduating class. Even then, they need to pay to travel to and stay in Kabul on their own dime to take exams in Kabul. Even then, only an eight of this select elite group are accepted. Have you heard negative views about the graduates of the NMAA?

    To imply that Afghan culture is impeding Afghan education doesn’t make sense.

    Increasing the number of ANSF 4 year cadets 5 fold would cost an extra $200 million per year. Can the international community really not afford it? Isn’t the real reason this isn’t happening to appease Pakistani Army and Gulf sensitivies? Why are we so afraid of them?

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