Afghan Riots

I hope I’m not the only one that believes that we apologize way to much and way to quickly.  Once again a Koran has hit the flames and before we know what happened the apologies are flying.  If we still must apologize this fast and often in an attempt to stop rioting and killing what does that say about our little foray into Afghanistan?  Progress?



4 thoughts on “Afghan Riots

  1. This is just another reason we should leave this country and let who ever wants to run it have at it. (Without any assistance from us)As I have said before , we are not going to change a Culture in which invites Incest and Barbaric ways. This country is still in the 12th Century and will not change in many life times.


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  3. 11th, do you really want the people who attacked America on 9/11, and who are strongly disliked by the vast majority of Afghans, to rule the Afghan people by force and to kill hundreds of thousands of Afghans?

    Afghanistan isn’t in the 12th Century. Afghans value education enormously. Internationals still haven’t made a sufficient effort to educate Afghans, which is a major cause of tensions.

    The US refused to significantly educate ANSF before November, 2009, at least in part to alleviate Pakistani Army sensitivities.

    President Obama overruled McChrystal, Petraeus, Caldwell and hasn’t allowed education for the ANSF either. [Maybe for fear of causing a full blown confrontation with the Pakistani Army.]

    Even now, the entire ANSF only trains 650 Afghan officers a year for more than 6 months at a time. [About 100-200 NCOs get 9 months training as well.] This is for a country of 33 million people facing a proxy of the Pakistani Army, a highly educated and capable force.

    By contrast in peacetime in 1973, the ANA has more than 200 thousand soldiers and a much better education system. The current ANSF training commands are a cruel joke compared to the ANSF training commands from the 1960, 1970s, 1980s.

    Most ANA NCOs only get 4 weeks of training [unlike American NCOS who often have graduate degrees, bachelors degrees, AB degrees, many ANA NCOs have a 1st grade education and little job experience that teach them teamwork.] The list goes on and on. When you don’t put inputs in, what do you expect?

    The entire ANSF training command has less than half the number of training seats as the ISF training commands had in 2006 and 2007. This for a country with more people and area than Iraq facing a far more dangerous and capable enemy backed by the Pakistani Army and powerful Gulf sponsors. Afghanistan also has far less human capital than Iraq and therefore requires longer training cycles for officers and NCOs than Iraq did.

    The Pakistani Army is extremely human capital rich, with many graduate degrees, bachelors degrees, AB degrees. Good results on 12th grade exams are required for an applicant to be considered.

    Obviously there is no way the international community will do anything like that for the ANSF, nor should they. But a fifth as much? Why isn’t that possible?

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