Marines – Outrage? Really?

I’ve let the Marine urination issue simmer a couple of days.  I knew the outcome but wanted to see it unfold before I commented.

What the Marines did was wrong.  You should never video yourself urinating.  It’s bad form. They should receive a stern talking to.

Now to the reaction.  This is why we are failing and will continue to fail.  There was no outrage in Afghanistan and in reality there isn’t any now. However while the Marines may have started this our military and civilian leaders have compounded the problem with their over the top apologies and condemnation of a stupid act.  The have played into the hands of the enemy by showing them once again our weakness.  They the enemy and our so called friends, can perform any number of completely real atrocities yet we will cower before them for a simple show of disrespect.  Well earned disrespect I might add.

We continually hold those that are not only entrusted with our national safety but those we ask to kill for us to such an unreasonable standard that is self-defeating.  It’s easy to hold such noble ideas when you’re not that ones doing the fighting.

Our weakness is in the fact we show too much respect for those that don’t deserve it. They see us as weak and they are right.  At this rate they will win.


4 thoughts on “Marines – Outrage? Really?

  1. “It’s easy to hold such noble ideas when you’re not that ones doing the fighting. ” I think this is all that needs to be said about this situation. On my Zippo Lighter in Nam it Said “You haven’t lived until you have almost died , Life has a Flavor the Protected will Never Know.”


  2. But this is the same thing the Left did with feminism, education, and American values. They put it on a pedestal, raised it up high, then made the thing on the pedestal fall and shatter. Then they would say to the audience “you shouldn’t have put something worthless like this on a pedestal, it’s not worth anything”.

    From the video, it is not quite clear whether they were urinating (where’s the streams on the bodies people) or whether they were playing a prank on another Marine, video taping it, and acting like they are about to urinate to give someone a heart attack.

    But like most intel analysts will tell you. Don’t put stuff on the internet unless you want an enemy to data mine you to death. The internet is not a good place to “hide” your beliefs and private life, so to speak.

  3. The enemy is both within and without. Until people understand this, they continue to make America vulnerable to attack. Just keep on doing the Diversity, generals Casey, admirals in the navy, and all the other flag rank individuals succumbing to Democrat bribes and blackmail.

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