President Obama to cut military budget

wh-obama-pentagon-defense-cuts_20120105111106_320_240I don’t see how this could be  a surprise to anyone.  This was the plan, run up the debt, feed the welfare monster, create more dependency and cut the military.  This was the person who ran for President and the person voted in.

Now can we cut the military?  Sure there are lots of placed full of waste and abuse.  There are programs that we don’t need.  There are operations that need to be scaled back or stopped altogether.  Unfortunately, we will probably not touch most of that and instead cut forces.  They are the easiest cuts to make. 


6 thoughts on “President Obama to cut military budget

  1. Though plenty of savings are achievable by cutting waste and unnecessary weapons projects etc, that’s all future cost reduction. To reduce costs now (which is sorely needed), you pretty much have to cut forces. I don’t have any objection to it. The problem with maintaining enough troops to be able to wage two and 1/2 wars is that we somehow always manage to find 2 and 1/2 wars to engage in, justified or not. It’s so much easier to do now that Congress doesn’t declare them and they can begin by Executive Order.

  2. IM, your last sentence is a key to a lot of our problems. Congress doesn’t do much of anything that would require taking a hard stand. They have completely given up the right to declare war and that is a very important part of our form of goverment. They have failed us as much or more than any President we’ve had recently. But it is the political class that the American public continues to vote in.

  3. So 4 Marines Urinate on a few Dead Taliban and McCain says it makes him so SAD. I wonder what McCain was thinking when being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton. I wonder what he may have done to his Enemy if he could have escaped and wreaked a bit of Revenge. Just as usual , what we do has to be civilized and our enemy can do whatever they want. So I say this is a Religious War and that way we only have to abide by religion Rules. Yeah I know you think this act is despicable but you are not in that position they are (You not meaning any Military Personnel reading this). I know when I was in Nam I had thoughts of what I might do if put into certain situations. I just wanted the U.S. to Nuke the damn place and let God Straighten it out. Just as bad I presume.


  4. I haven’t really seen much of this yet but I’m sure the fake outrage is already reaching new heights. This act if proven, would certainly go against the HQs policy of treating the enemy as dear misguided brothers.

    I have nothing bad to say to those marines, if proven true, except don’t bring your cameras next time.

  5. The thing is, if you cut education, funding to Planned Parenthood, and pensions, what is the Left’s response? When the military’s funding is diverted to abortion services, the Left calls that “making the military more efficient”. When education and pensions are cut, the Left calls that…. Occupy Wall Street, right.

  6. Nobody seems to like my proposal of simply executing half the corrupt politicians in DC, and then keep doing it until we find a half we can work with. It seems extreme solutions are only palatable after the US has gone through another Civil War or so, and realized they maybe, perhaps, should have taken some kind of preventative action before all those dead civilian bodies turned up.

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