Poor choices

Lets face it, we have very poor choices this election. There isn’t one presidential candidate who has a shot that  I’d spend one minute trying to convince someone to vote for.  It’s a pretty depressing realization that we simple can’t produce decent candidates these days.  They don’t have to be perfect but less pandering and more positions.  I guess it’s not a surprise.

Yes there are a couple out there I could support but they are either not running or not running for President.


5 thoughts on “Poor choices

  1. Hey, Huntsman is pretty good. Hard to think of many better candidates for president from either party in decades.

    And come on, don’t you just love Biden!

    Merry Christmas

  2. Part of why the Left marched through the institutions is that once they gained control there, elections ceased to matter. And it’s mainly true, although some exceptions filter through like George Bush and 9/11. But those are exceptions. They only delay the Leftist scheme. Americans have yet to even realize the Leftist strategy, let alone started countering it.

    It’s not about elections, it’s about power. In a democracy, it’s the perfect avenue of seizing totalitarian power over the masses. Much easier than in a dictatorship.

  3. That’s why the Left spent decades turning the US from a republic int o a democracy. Now that it is a democracy, with popular voting for everything, they can do what they usually do with democracies: destabilize, engineer crisis, and then emergency decrees.

  4. The Left also causes global anti-Americanism and dominate the global caricature of the “Ugly American.” Much of the rest of the world aspires to free market capitalism, self confidence and self reliance while we trend big government socialist.

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