Arab Spring or Islamic Springs

Is it possible that they simply don’t want the same things we do?  We in the west appear to believe that if we just give them Rainbows and lollipops they will love us and want to be like us.  But Rainbows can’t be touched and lollipops are messy. 

It seems in every instance when Islamic countries throw off the rusted chains of oppression they vote themselves a shiny new set.

What are the examples of modern Islamic countries voting themselves a mostly secular, human rights, individual rights based government? 

Chirp chirp… Yeah I know.  I think Turkey was the last.  Now it’s looking bad too.

Maybe we should just pull our troops out and our money and let them test their theories without us. 

Hell I’d bet it’s mostly our well intentioned money fueling this anyway.

Or better yet lets take up their tactics and fund all sides in their conflicts.  Then just sit back with some popcorn and watch the horror show. 


9 thoughts on “Arab Spring or Islamic Springs

  1. You sure Screwed up my Day JB. I had a totally different perspective of Rainbows and lollipops. I agree , Lets Pull out of all these Countries and let them drill themselves back to the Ming Dynasty and take the money we save and put people to work here in a FREE Country. What ever happened to the Wars where both sides raised a Flag and then Duked it out.


  2. 11th, lolipops and rainbows are just that. Not code words you Cali boys have for whatever it is you do out there! That WOULD be a fun movie to watch. I’ll bring the popcorn!

  3. Sorry 11th, we handed all the rainbows out but I’ll check on some unicorns.. Most likely all that’s left is a small pissed off Leprechaun

  4. Chuck , The last time I was gassed was in Nam. Sitting in a Hooch talking to a friend when some Jerk Lit a canister of Tear Gas in the doorway. We had to take a couple of beers and continue our conversation outside.


  5. I think it’s much like Rhodesia. There are people with the right ideas and the right methods, but they aren’t the ones being supported by terrorists, or unfortunately, even the US.

    The US and AQ/Taliban are playing their own game, and a lot of people are caught in the middle, without any power. Just think about all those innocents killed by military style SWAT teams funded by federal money appropriated from citizens at gun point. They didn’t have much choice about it, the ones whose homes were raided (because SWAT teams can’t seem to find the right address or their own arses it seems) didn’t have any power to change that, but they were the ones with the most motivation to change it. Cause they lost the most out of it. But the ones that make decisions are Democrats, Republicans, bureacrats, and police. And they, sadly, don’t give a damn how many lives are lost, so long as their own pockets are protected.

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