It smells… like….losers…

Just out of curiosity anybody have a clue what these dim wits occupying wall street are about?  Seem like just more parasites that want YOU to pay their way.  Am I wrong?

Update:  11th do you think this guy really reads about Goldman Sachs and gets upset because someone got a huge bonus?  The MFer just want’s his handout paid for by those of us that worked and saved.  And since I was in the worst GI bill possible (VEAP) I ended up paying 70% of my degree out of my pocket while taking classes in f(&*(^*  hostle fire zones and in between deployments.  Got’s no love for them.


15 thoughts on “It smells… like….losers…

  1. This is taken from Yahoo news…May Shed some light on why we have protesters…
    This is only part of the article about Goldman Sachs.

    Despite a precipitous drop in profits between 2009 and 2010 and a stock stuck in neutral throughout the year, the Goldman board of directors raised Blankfein’s base salary to $2 million, up from $600,000, and showered an extra $13 million in stock grants on Blankfein and his executive team.

    Not bad for the executives of a bank forced to pay a $550 million fine after being accused by the SEC of duping its clients by selling them shares of a mortgage-backed security they allowed a hedge firm to secretly hand-pick. Still, this is hardly like the fat and happy subprime-mortgage days, when Goldman was buying toxic subprime mortgages and selling them to unsuspecting clients. In 2007, the year before the economic collapse, Blankfein made $68 million in stock and bonus money.

    Is it any wonder the Occupy Wall Street crowd might think there’s something rotten about the system?


  2. But what’s their point? What do they want done? Do they want more regulation by the same people bought by Goldman? They need to head south on I-95 to find the real culprits.

    But that’s not my point because that’s not what they are chanting. That’s what certain segments want to press but it isn’t who’s sleeping on the corners. Have you listen to them rant? They spew incoherent garbage.

    It’s the same people who bitch at the rich but do nothing but ask for handouts.

    It’s not the rich keeping them down; it’s the money hungry wannabes in Washington that will sell you ass down the river in a heartbeat for the rich that should be the target. It’s their lack of intestinal fortitude that keeps them from looking inward at their failures to become better. F……them.

    Like this green energy BS, that was sold by and for the government officials investing in THIER long term future, not yours and not this country’s.

    The class warfare bit is getting old.

    I say we stop bailing out everyone.

  3. This same thing happened in Berkeley Ca , protesting the Vietnam War. There were idiots that looked just like this guy on the streets next to our home town. Only they looted and Burned Police Cars. People have the right to Protest in this Country and you fought for that right.Many protesters are being paid to be there and I feel your Anger but at least this gets attention , just like the protesters of War. Does it do any good…NO…unless it filters to all the big Cities over America. The Good that may come out of this hopefully will wake up Voters and Not Vote ONE DAMN REPUBLICAN into Office in November Next Year. Since Day one of this Country having it’s first Black President all of Congress have been Bigots and Racists as far as I am Concerned and want History to Show that a Black man in Office Failed. The Republicans are the Party of “NO” which is not FOR THE PEOPLE. Our Government is Broken and these Protesters are just trying to bring that info to Voters and then this will change. The “99%” they are talking about are the Voters. That would be you and Me.


  4. Wow, you’re buying into the racist narrative also huh? Well I don’t think the results you’re looking for the next election are what we’ll see. Tell me again 11th what good this administration has done? Give me program that has worked?

    As to the Occupy WS, I have no problem with their protesting. In fact also encourage it. It’s the way they do it that bothers me. The mess they leave, the threats they make, the real violence they are trying to incite. Unlike the Tea Party who the media tries to liken this to, the Tea Party gets permits and leaves the place cleaner than when they got there. They try to put forth common sense answers to today problems.

    These people have complaints and no solutions other than somebody else should pay their way. They target the rich because it’s easy populace target. It’s a distraction.

    11th even you admit many of these people are paid to be there.

    I won’t defend Republican politicians in their governance as they have been complicit in the problems we have now. But the racist bigot thing is just a tactic. The Race Card is done.

  5. I really hate to talk Politics because it’s a lot like talking Religion. There are many views and most are very Broad. I can’t argue with you because you are right , but then what I have said has Validity to it also. We both want the same thing in the end.


  6. Remember where I came from. Arguing is a family artform.. 😉 I never argue, I passionately discuss..

    Then just as the fists are about to fly we break out the apricot brandy and turn on the music.

  7. I forgot all about that Apricot Brandy….Do you remember the Home Brew that Granny used to make? Home Made Apricot Brandy that was in the closest for thirty Days….Good Stuff…….
    I saw the Fists fly a few times…Generally it was our Uncle Bill that was the Recipient of that…..


  8. 11th, what have you done with 11th. The only people that I see that are racists are the idiots on the left that use it to stir up the constiuency.

  9. 11th I’m reading you loud and clear and I’m standing by my statement. The GOP wants a black man to fail so bad that a huge chunk of them are backing Herman Cain. Oh wait isn’t he…….Please show me one iota of proof that a GOP congressman is racist. Dissension over policy is not racist. I see much more racial politics on the left. They can take that whole us vs them crap and move on down the road. We are seeing the beginning of end of the Democratic party. In two elections they will be a very small party. There’s principle and then there’s outright stupidity. Nothing they propose has historically never worked. John Wayne once said, “Life is hard; it’s even harder when you’re stupid.” Yes I invoked the Duke!

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